Matt Lauer Divorce: ‘Cruel And Inhumane’ Treatment Alleged By ‘Today’ Show Anchor’s Wife

Back in 2006, Today show anchor Matt Lauer was on the verge of a bitter divorce from his wife Annette, but the lawsuit was mysteriously withdrawn just a few weeks later. Things seemingly went back to normal between the couple.

But a new report from InTouch magazine has confirmed that the Matt Lauer divorce may be back on, and what’s more, his wife is claiming she was treated in a “cruel and inhumane” way by Lauer, mainly due to his “control freak” nature, a side viewers of his show don’t necessarily see daily, if ever.

The legal documents have now surfaced, according to the report in the publication, and they aren’t pretty, with allegations of cruelty as well as “extreme anger and hostility” flying.

Nancy Chemtob, an attorney for Annette, argued in the court documents.

“The conduct of defendant [Matt] so endangers the physical and mental well-being of the plaintiff [Annette] so as to render it unsafe and improper for plaintiff to cohabit with defendant. Defendant has continuously and repeatedly given higher priority to … personal interests than his family obligations to plaintiff, causing plaintiff to feel abandoned, isolated and alone in raising the parties’ children.”

On top of that, the paperwork goes on to allege that Matt Lauer was “extremely controlling” of his wife, to the point where life for her became miserable.

The documents claimed that Lauer refused “to allow plaintiff to make even the smallest decisions without his approval, including, but not limited to, decisions regarding finances, travel plans, decorating the parties’ homes and domestic help issues.”

Even though, for some unexplained reason, Annette took Matt back a few weeks after the disturbing allegations were made in the lawsuit, it’s not clear what the status of the couple is right now, as some sources suggest they are doing better than ever, and that Annette’s allegations were more a function of procedure than reality.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the Matt Lauer divorce, if there even is to be one, but based on recent reports, there’s “no smoke without fire,” so we won’t be surprised to hear about a split between the couple soon.