SUV Carrying Maria Menounos Attacked With Tire Iron

The SUV carrying Maria Menounos and her entourage was attacked early Thursday morning. The party left a New York City area airport and was stuck in traffic heading for the city when the incident occurred. Maria heard a loud noise as the truck’s back right window smashed.

The culprit? A tire iron thrown through the window. Menounos said that the attacker ran away after seeing a nearby cop car also caught in the traffic, according to the New York Daily News. She and the other passengers, including Maria’s glam squad and a driver, were on the Van Wyck Expressway heading toward an event for Ocean Spray PACt Cranberry Extract Water. Though they were shaken by the incident, no one in the SUV was hurt. No arrests have been made related to the vandalism.

Maria wrote about the event on Twitter and Instagram. She posted a photo of a police officer, perhaps the one who scared off the attacker. Other photos include a straight-faced Maria holding the tire iron.

Later, Maria played off the incident, joking around with her crew and the driver.

The television host spoke with E! News after the event. At first, she thought someone fired a gun at the vehicle. Glass covered her makeup artist. The entourage did not know if they were specifically being targeted, perhaps part of a planned robbery. They continued driving into New York City with the broken window, somewhat shaken but safe.

“It really felt like something out of a movie. I heard an explosion and I started screaming, ‘Everyone down, we’re being shot at. Everyone down!’”

Menounos is currently a producer and hostess for E! Entertainment Television. She signed an agreement with the network in May of this year to host her own one-hour show, with other appearances in specials and series. As reported by Inquisitr, her television show, Untold with Maria Menounos, debuted in July, and discusses current news topics, celebrities, and social media.

Thankfully, this attack did not have any serious results for Maria or her team.

[Photo Source: Style Bistro]