Maria Menounos Joins E! and Debuts Her New Show, “Untold With Maria Menounos”

Aside from modeling her bikini clad body in an impressive photo shoot (as the Inquisitr shows us), television personality Maria Menounos is about to make her premiere debut on E! with her new show, “Untold With Maria Menounos.” Broadway World informs us that “Untold With Maria Menounos” is a sixty minute news magazine show that will cover a wide range of current issues, social media phenomena, and top news events. Each sixty minute episode of “Untold” will feature three different topics examined by Maria Menounos through interviews with Hollywood celebrities, specific topic experts, and other top news makers from around the world.

Broadway World goes on tell us that the first episode of “Untold With Maria Menounos” will explore three evocative topics, including “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”, in which Maria Menounos, accompanied by plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow of “Botched” will examine the current selfie craze and its impact on motivating increasing numbers of adults and teens to seek plastic surgery as a means by which they can “improve” their image.

The second topic to be covered in the show’s premiere episode is “The Royal Fishbowl.” In this topic, Maria Menounos examines how William and Kate are modernizing the way in which the British Royal Family approaches the media, essentially by embracing it and using social media as a means through which they can stay in touch with the British public and admirers around the world.

The third and final topic included in the show’s debut is called “Shark Happens” and examines America’s obsession with shark oriented movies ranging from “Jaws” to “Sharknado.”

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Maria Menounos fills us in on how much she’s looking forward to beginning her work with E!. Maria stated that, “I am so excited! For someone like me who loves to work and loves to produce, E! is indeed the perfect home. I can’t wait to get started!” Menounos went on to talk about the format of her new show and how she feels that past work she has done will help her in producing the new content for her show. She stated that, “Untold will feature three in-depth stories within the hour long episode that will give viewers the inside scoop on the biggest news and most interesting stories in Hollywood. I love having time to tell stories. My work at the Today show and Nightly News really gave me a solid background to utilize here. I’m a journalist that likes to dig deeper.”

We wish Maria Menounos good luck and much success on her new show featured on E!. You can tune in to check out the show’s premiere episode tonight at 8PM eastern time.