ISIS Crucifies 17-Year-Old In Syria For Filming Their Headquarters

Jihadists in the Islamic State have reportedly executed a 17-year-old man by crucifying, it was reported on Saturday. The man’s crime: allegedly filming ISIS headquarters for money.

Seventeen-year-old Abdullah Al-Bushi was put to death in the Aleppo province town of Al-Bab, according to an AFP report. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that Al-Bushi was strapped to a makeshift metal cross and hung up with a sign fixed on him.

“Abdullah Al-Bushi,” the sign read. “Crime: filming Islamic State headquarters for 500 Turkish lira ($222) per video.”

“Judgment,” the sign also read, “execution and crucifixion for three days.”

ISIS has reportedly executed a 17-year-old and left his body crucified on display for filming the Islamic State's headquarters.

It is common for ISIS to execute those it thinks work against the Islamic State, or even those it believes are not pious enough, and it has become increasingly common for ISIS to then put their bodies on display. In June, ISIS crucified eight rebel fighters and left their bodies on display for days.

Another crucifixion around the same time saw ISIS leaving a man hanging alive for eight hours.


The crucifixions aren’t the Islamic State’s only method. ISIS notoriously relies on beheadings to instill fear and punish those it deems “apostates.” Just this week, The Independent reported, ISIS beheaded some of its own fighters for embezzlement.

Reportedly, Jihadist groups have a strict no-corruption policy, meaning that members are not allowed to extort people.

The beheadings and crucifixions show no signs of abating in the near future, as ISIS finds that they have been successful to an extent.

“ISIS is known for crucifying those who have tried to rebel against them,” one expert told The Independent. “They do not flinch at killing anyone if they have committed a serious crime which goes against their interpretation of sharia.”