ISIS Crucifies Eight Rebel Fighters – ‘Bodies Still On Display’

As ISIS continues its campaign to take over Iraq, it also continues to establish itself as one of the most shamelessly brutal organizations on earth. If Al Queda’s not wanting to be associated with ISIS wasn’t confirmation enough, ISIS reportedly crucifying several rebel fighters for being “too moderate” should bring them closer to the designation.

Reuters reports that eight rebel fighters were crucified in Syria, the barbaric punishment carried out by ISIS, also known as ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The report comes from The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that has been monitoring ISIS and the events unfolding in the bloody, battle-torn region.

The group receives their information from sources on the ground in Syria who said the men were crucified ISIS on Saturday in Aleppo province, also noting that ISIS left their desecrated bodies up and they were still on display.

ISIS crucifies eight men
Eight men were crucified by ISIS for being “too moderate” in their beliefs.

A separate crucifixion carried out by ISIS in al-Bab, near Turkey, left a man hanging alive for eight hours, according to CNN. Later reports said he survived that ISIS induced tribulation. Which is fortunate for him, because often times the men ISIS plans to crucify are first shot in the head. Once the torturous punishment has commenced, ISIS then leaves the accused hanging in public view, their arms strapped to a horizontal beam.

While other crucifixions have been reported by The Inquisitr, this latest mass crucifixion of rebel fighters like minded to ISIS, but just not extreme enough, is a new and clear message from the savagely ferocious Islamic extremist group. The Observatory says fighting between Islamist extremist groups such as ISIS, who are vying for superiority, has claimed the lives of roughly 7,000 since January.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group sites the majority of these deaths as being caused by explosions such as car bombings and suicide attacks. The group is anti-Assad and reportedly monitors the ISIS and other rival group fightings in seven provinces.

The Observatory, an anti-Assad group which tracks the violence, said the vast majority were killed in explosions, including car bombings and suicide attacks. It monitored the infighting in seven provinces.

The group reported that ISIS had executed and crucified the eight men because they were members of more moderate groups. ISIS carried out their crucifixions in Aleppo’s Deir Hafer town square. ISIS then planned to leave them hanging, crucified there, for three days.

The Observatory said the men were accused of being “Sahwa” fighters, which translates to “rival combatants” that are influenced by Western powers for ISIS.

While ISIS has stormed across Iraq and taken control of a lot of area, the harsh punishments, which, along with crucifixions, include beheadings, the violent group has also alienated many civilians and opposition activists with their extreme forms of violent justice.

As joint efforts against ISIS ramp up, perhaps such alienation will help contribute to the group’s fall.

In the mean time, however, the bodies of eight crucified men will be hanging for public display as ISIS continues to stain the Middle East with its extreme strain of violence.

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