October 18, 2017
Parents Upset Over Graphic Anti-Abortion Ad Near Elementary School [Video]

The argument between pro-life and pro-choice has recently experienced an uptick in aggressiveness. The Inquisitr previously reported that supporting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge possibly meant supporting the use of testing on embryonic stem cells. Since then, there have been a flurry of news in accordance to both sides of the debate. This includes the Duggar family's pro-life stance, an Ohio pastor forcing abortion upon his church's congregants, and a woman who wrote a very sad letter to the child she was aborting.

For some parents in Albuquerque, a pro-life group is going too far by posting up a very graphic anti-abortion ad. The problem with the ad is that it's set up right near an elementary school.

According to KRQE News 13 and followed up by Mad World News, the graphic anti-abortion sign was set up just blocks from Albuquerque elementary school. Some of the parents are upset that the group behind it is not apologizing. The sign is at the intersection of Lomas and Edith, which is right in front of the Southwestern Women's Options, the only late-term abortion clinic in town.

ABQ Protest made a statement, explaining that they put the sign up for several days a month for about two years. This comes as a surprise because it is just now that parents who have students attending Longfellow Elementary School are now making their voices heard. Before, they'd just avoid the intersection whenever the poster is up. As for ABQ Protest themselves, the poster is a statement because they believe late-term abortions is against the law. Tara Shaver, one of the members of the group, had this statement to say about the sign.

"Well the billboard is not directly in front of the school. That's not our targeted audience. I would think the more valid concern is what's happening so close to the school."

The sign gained more attention when it was posted up on the Facebook page known as Inhabitants of Burque. It received nearly 1,500 comments by Wednesday afternoon. Some of the comments support the sign, though most they didn't want it up near children. Some complaints given include the graphic nature of the sign, and that parents are not ready to teach their children this type of lesson yet, especially to elementary school children.

As of now, Tara Shaver will be putting the sign back up again. Parents have tried to ask the city to censor it, but it was made clear they are unable to because it is free speech.

Now that you saw the sign, do you think it is too strong for the eyes of children or is the anti-abortion group within their right to put up such a graphic sign even within vicinity of an elementary school?

[Image via KRQE News 12]