’19 Kids & Counting’: TLC Censors Duggar Family’s Anti-Abortion Shirts

The stars of 19 Kids & Counting are known for dressing as conservatively as possible, but members of the Duggar family recently made a wardrobe choice that prompted TLC to bring out the blurs.

However, this was not a Duggars Gone Wild situation — Jessa Duggar and Jana Duggar didn’t suddenly decide that they wanted to go shopping for string bikinis. Instead, Life News reports that TLC censored the Duggar family’s anti-abortion T-shirts.

Life News writer Bryan Kemper reveals that he met a few of the 19 Kids & Counting stars last January at the Students for Life of America Conference, and he gave Jessa Duggar a shirt that reads, “I Survived Roe vs Wade, Roe vs Wade Will Not Survive Me.” Jessa later emailed Kemper and asked if he could send her a box of shirts for the entire Duggar family. He was thrilled when he spotted a member of the family wearing one of his shirts on last week’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting.

Kemper writes that he was excited about the prospect of his shirt appearing on 19 Kids & Counting again this week, but his feeling of pride was short-lived — TLC decided to make the “Roe vs Wade” message unreadable by blurring the shirts.

“Tonight I was excited to watch a new episode and see if any of the family was wearing one of our shirts again. I was shocked when I saw the shirt again but this time I was shocked because they had actually blurred out the message.”

In his post about the censored shirts, Kemper calls for his readers to let TLC know that they’re upset about the decision to blur the anti-abortion shirts.

The Duggar family is very outspoken when it comes to abortion. According to The Tennessean, 17 members of the 19 Kids & Counting clan recently showed their support for “a ballot initiative that would give Tennessee lawmakers more power to enact abortion restrictions.” And according to the Jewish Journal, Michelle Duggar once labeled abortion a “baby holocaust.”

Many 19 Kids & Counting fans are well-aware of the Duggar family’s views on abortion, so why did TLC decide to censor the shirts?

It’s possible that the network was trying to avoid more negative publicity after the media firestorm that Jessa Duggar recently caused. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jessa shared a controversial Instagram message in which she appeared to compare abortion to the Holocaust. There was a major backlash in response to her post, so perhaps TLC decided it would be a good idea to avoid drawing more attention to the Duggar family’s views on abortion. If this was the case, it looks like the network failed — TLC just achieved the opposite effect by making some 19 Kids & Counting fans upset about the blurring.

What do you think of TLC’s decision to censor the 19 Kids & Counting shirts?

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