WWE News: WWE Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Dealing With Brain Hemorrhage

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts was at WWE RAW this past week. He was there alongside good friend DDP as well as Ric Flair, though neither man appeared on-air. Flair was supposed to be on RAW, but was not written in as previously planned. He is supposed to take part in the Mexican tour this weekend, possibly doing referee work. Both Roberts and Flair did stuff for the web, however, so it wasn’t a loss to bring in Flair. Roberts lives in the area.

Jake Roberts mentioned a little while back that his cancer had returned, sadly. This after a big bout with pneumonia, which left him hospitalized for a while. He recovered, and is now doing treatment for his cancer. While in the hospital, doctors had to remove some cancer from his chest, which doesn’t appear to be the source of his cancer now. Many have claimed it is in his brain, the result of a tumor. However, this is unconfirmed.

It does hold some merit though, as Roberts claimed to WWE in an interview this past week on WWE.com that he had a brain bleed. This is better known as a brain hemorrhage. It is usually seen in those with have brain tumors, strokes, or head trauma commonly. However, there are various types not caused by severe traumas.

Some would immediately point to head trauma as Roberts reasoning for it. However, this would be inaccurate. Jake has been relatively retired for years, taking literally no bumps of note, especially to the head. Usually a brain bleed resulting from head trauma would be from a head hit with the bleed soon after. Those years of head hits would have caused bleeding then, not randomly now. This is why many point to a possible brain tumor. Roberts has not had a stroke, so a tumor is potentially the culprit. People can also get them with high blood pressure, liver disease, or a blood disorder. So any of these could have also been the issue for Roberts too.

Since it appears like a cerebral hemorrhage, it could be caused by various other problems, such as long-term cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol consumption too (which we know Jake has done). This only further complicates how Roberts could have gone through the issue. This type of hemorrhage is the second most common cause of stroke, so clearly doctors have to monitor the WWE Legend closely.

Roberts Snake

This is why it is tough to point to an exact way it all started. The cool part is that it appears doctors caught it before it could randomly come up one day, after a stroke or other random problem.

The symptoms for such a problem are numerous, ranging from balance trouble to tingling and muscle issues. Even severe headache and nausea are part of it. It is clearly NOT the most ideal situation.

According to WebMD, the way all of this happens is quite complicated. Yet they point to the reason why so much is affected.

“When blood from trauma irritates brain tissues, it causes swelling. This is known as cerebral edema. The pooled blood collects into a mass called a hematoma. These conditions increase pressure on nearby brain tissue, and that reduces vital blood flow and kills brain cells.

“Bleeding can occur inside the brain, between the brain and the membranes that cover it, between the layers of the brain’s covering or between the skull and the covering of the brain.”

The treatment for the issue is complicated as well. The person has to be monitored closely, and doctors move quickly to figure out the cause and type of bleed is going on. Once they do, they’ll know if they need to operate to remove the cause, or if they can potentially get rid of it or at least reduce the problem with medication. It seems as though Roberts does not need surgery at this point, so he is most likely going the medication route.

Roberts is obviously done wrestling with WWE. Obviously WWE is willing to help Jake whenever they can, but clearly it is up in the air on how many medical issues he could have. It is said that the WWE Hall of Famer has to go through all this, right after he has cleaned up his life so much. However, Jake has always been a fighter. This is just another day at the office for WWE’s resident snake charmer.

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