Bill Murray Trains For New York City Marathon In A Suit [Video]

Bill Murray can do no wrong. The actor has stayed out of the limelight during the early millennium, but over the last two years, Murray has emerged with exciting new film projects. The camera shy actor, who doesn’t like to make a fuss with the press, has found a comfortable spot keeping up with appearances in the viral market.

As The Inquisitr reported, Murray crashed a bachelor party in Charleston, and gave some awesome advice to everyone in the party, except for the groom. He also crashed some formal wedding photos separate from his bachelor party hijinks. If that’s not enough, earlier in September, he went to a St. Paul Saints baseball game and passed out some tickets before enjoying the game.

In between crashing a bachelor party and going to a baseball game, Murray showed up to his own ice cream social that fans decided to throw back in July. Basically, if there’s a good time, Murray is up for it, and he’s not above posing for some pictures either.

Bill Murray

Currently, Bill Murray is promoting his film St. Vincent, which is getting some Oscar buzz, so naturally he had to take some time off from ice cream gatherings, and instead, train for the New York City marathon?

Let us explain — Murray was recently on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his film, and during that time, he decided that he might as well put his best foot forward and train while on the show.

In the middle of the segment, Murray interrupted Letterman to ask when the New York Marathon was going to take place. When he realized the marathon was coming up on November 1, Murray literally sprung into action in a full on tux.

“I’m really happy to be here, but I made a commitment with myself to enter this year. Can you handle things? I really should get a run in. I have to build up. I can’t just start from scratch.”

Then Murray took out a tube of Bengay and rubbed it on the back of his hands to Dave’s amusement. His explanation?

“Usually when I run my knees hurt, but this guy told me that it’s all connected. I don’t know if it works it ways down or the pain works its way up. I’ve got a heart rate monitor thing.”

Murray then trailed off and left Dave and the audience in the studio before telling the host to “fill” in for his spot as he trained for the New York marathon. Although this is obviously a staged bit, its chaotic nature makes for a hilarious watch.

[Image via CBS]