Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Makes Awesome Speech

Bill Murray appearing places and being awesome is sort of a thing that just randomly happens now -- which makes us wonder if all the legendary stories before the social web existed were actually rooted in truth.

(If you're unfamiliar, one common Bill Murray story involves the actor approaching someone randomly, doing something cool or interesting, and before walking away, saying "nobody will ever believe you.")

The bachelor party footage discovered by Deadspin and starring Murray does have some background, and is the latest in a series of sightings of the actor over the last few years in which he pops in out of thin air and is super cool to regular people -- like the time he started driving everyone home from bars at chucking out time in a golf cart.

So far, we know very little about the speech -- though there is epic video of Bill Murray talking at this bachelor party in Charleston.

Deadspin reader Stephen (no last name given) dishes to the blog on Murray's random, surprise appearance, beginning:

"Over Memorial Day weekend, 20 of my buddies from Boston College got together in Charleston for our friend EJ's bachelor party. At one point during dinner at a steakhouse, one guy goes to the bathroom downstairs and sees Bill Murray sitting with some people with a fishing vest on."

With a fishing vest on. Continue, Stephen:

"We talked to the waiter to see if we could send him some drinks, to which Bill declined. One of my buddies then went down and asked if he'd come up and say a few words for EJ and got a 'no thanks.'"

Aw, bummer, but you can't just make a Bill Murray awesomeness party happen, can you? Actually:

"My buddy comes back up dejected and tells us it's not going to happen. Two minutes later, Bill f***ing Murray walks into the room and gives this speech."

One commenter sums up the way everyone must feel about Bill Murray at this point, remarking of the video-proven incident:

"Bill Murray has got to be so f***ing sick of being the coolest guy in any given room by now."

Before the bachelor party incident, Murray was tagged in tons of episodes of random coolness.

There was his reddit AMA.

Also, he decided to randomly bartend at SXSW a few years back. Everyone got tequila no matter what they ordered.

Click through to see Bill Murray's bachelor party "crash" speech!

[Image courtesy of GQ]