Florida Man Ordered To Remove American Flags From Business, Community Responds With Patriotism

Essel Pratt - Author

Dec. 27 2017, Updated 2:49 a.m. ET

A Cape Coral, Florida business man is receiving patriotic support from the community after being told he had to remove six American flags from his hardware store’s property. A code enforcement ordered the removal of the flags because they were located on a public stretch of grass in front of the hardware store. The store owner politely refused to remove the flags and gained the support of his community.

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Jeffrey Verzi, a 56 year old associate at Family Hardware, explained that the six flags represented six family members that are serving in the military. They were placed in honor and support and he refused to remove them from the grass lined area. The complaint was called in anonymously and the code enforcement officer was simply responding. Local code states that signs, including flags, cannot be placed in areas that are considered a right of way.

Verzi’s boss, Eric Strange, supports his decision to refuse the removal of the American flags and is excited at the support the community has given them. Strange feels that the American flags are a fantastic tribute to those that serve the country and summed up his thoughts in just a few words.

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“It’s all about the veterans.”

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The following day, supporters arrived at 8:00 a.m. to begin placing small American flags all around the community. After nearly an hours, close to 500 flags were in place and waving proudly in the breeze. The community response brought enough attention to the matter that a city spokeswoman, Connie Barron, stated that the city would take no further action against Family Hardware or the six flags.

Although the matter will not be pursued further, Verzi feels that including American flags in the no sign in right of ways ordinance is ridiculous. He plans to attend the next regularly scheduled town meeting and discuss the importance of supporting the troops, the American flag, and the United States. In the process, he hopes to amend the current ordinance to exclude the forbidding of American flags. Verzi has already received confirmation that American veterans will be in attendance, wearing their uniforms, to show support for his request.

The entire ordeal could have been easily averted by simply removing the flags and placing them elsewhere. However, Verzi stood up and did what he felt was right in the situation, resulting in an outcry of positive community support.

[Photo Courtesy: Fox News]


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