iOS great for OS updates, Android .. not so much

Smartphones are great but as any cutting edge geek-person will tell you they are only as good as their latest update. For Apple iPhone users it goes without saying that when you own an iPhone you can be pretty well assured that, for the most part, you will always be able to have the newest iOS version available.

For Android users it seems that this is most definitely not the case, at least according to Michael DeGusta’s Android support history chart. The most outstanding fact: no Android phone has consistently received timely OS updates over its lifecycle.

What is even worse is that it seems that some phones have never had a current version of the OS installed having been shipped with Android releases that were at least two major versions behind; and were unable to receive updates.

Oh and that Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update that everyone is raving on about – well chances are that 16 of the 18 Android phones examined in DeGusta’s study will never see it.

via ReadWriteWeb