Hells Angels' Shooting Incidents, Drug Deals, And Gang Wars Result In Bikers Being Arrested Worldwide

The Hells Angels motorcycle club is not just an American group. The biker gang has chapters throughout the world and police are reporting that bikers are being arrested and charged with varying crimes including drugs, rape, assault, shootings, and torture.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Hells Angels' shooting incident allegedly led to the deaths of multiple members of a rival biker gang called the Mongols but the families claim they "knew the risks." Another Hells Angels shooting case was reopened last month and a fearsome Hells Angels biker with horns on his head named Caius Veiovis was sentenced by a jury for the killing and dismemberment of witnesses who were attempting to testify against another Hells Angels member.

To give you an idea how widespread the Hells Angels are in the world, a British fugitive named Conrad Toland was arrested in Spain for crimes committed in Belguim. Authorities claim the man is tied to alleged drug smuggling and money laundering operations for Europe's Hells Angels branch. The video of the arrest was quite dramatic since it showed the viewpoint of a police officer as he approached the scene with a drawn pistol.

Canada's Hells Angels were given a chilly welcome in the great white north. Robert Barletta, owner of Famous Flesh Gordon's strip club in Ontario, was stripped of his ability to sell alcohol due to his association with the Hells Angels motorcycle club. Barletta appealed the decision, claiming he wasn't engaged in any criminal activities, but the Canadian province is arguing the "Hells Angels are a criminal organization and that granting a liquor license to a member of a criminal group is incompatible with the goals of the Liquor License Act."

The Hells Angels are even located in New Zealand but when police stopped 50 gang members riding on their bikes, only one arrest was made. The police looked for everything they could, running breath tests and investigating their documentation, but the only thing found to be illegal was the ownership of an offensive weapon called a knuckle duster. Regardless, police in New Zealand are concerned the reach of the Hells Angels is expanding within their nation.

Back in the United States, seven members of the Hells Angels are now on trial in Detroit. Lawyers claimed the defendants "committed a series of crimes under the umbrella of a criminal enterprise," including racketeering, drug dealing, and illegal gambling operations. But these particular bikers are believed to be associated with gang wars where wives and girlfriends were raped, beat, and tortured. In response, the Hells Angels bikers beat four men with a baseball bat and left them to die in a canyon.

Regardless of where they live in the world, Hells Angels consider themselves to be excluded from society's laws. Lawyers claims their slogan, "Forever, Together, Whatever," is code for "F*** the World."