Chiropractor Dead: Dr. William LaTorre Commits Suicide in Florida Office

Prominent chiropractor, Dr. William LaTorre was found dead in his office from a gunshot wound in Florida, according to Fox-13 Tampa Bay. Authorities say the 76-year-old doctor was found in his St. Petersburg office located at the St. Petersburg's LaTorre Wellness Center located at 2150 49th St N. The shooting took place around 7 a.m. on Thursday, October 16, 2014. Local police were dispatched to the scene, after employees found the doctor unresponsive.

When St. Petersburg police arrived at the site, they found the body of a deceased white male in his 70's. There was a gunshot wound to the body that appeared to be self inflicted. Police identified the body as that of Dr. William LaTorre. Law enforcement officials found a gun at the scene but no suicide note. A cause of death for Dr. William LaTorre is pending.

His son, Todd LaTorre, issued a message about his father on his Facebook page, according to Blabbermouth.

"As many of you have become aware, my father is no longer with us. I haven't disclosed anything to the press, as to preserve some privacy during this time. It has since been made aware to the public by the media, reaching outlets well outside of my local Tampa Bay area. Although this is a very difficult time, this post is only to confirm that we will not be cancelling any shows. I have responsibilities to uphold, and will do whatever I can to perform to the best of my abilities considering the circumstances."
Distraught family members say that he was getting ready to celebrate his anniversary with his wife, and that there was nothing in his personality the last few days that would have indicated that he wanted to take his own life.

Dr. William LaTorre first made headlines in 1989 after his speedboat collided with another boat filled with teens. Four teenagers died in the accident, and another was injured. The doctor and chiropractor was arrested and charged with four counts of manslaughter. In 1990, the judge dismissed the case, stating that the prosecution had not proved their case. Though, Dr. William LaTorre was free, he still suffered emotionally from the accident by all accounts.

"He (Dr. William LaTorre) was traumatized by that experience. The affects of that trauma probably stayed with Bill until the day he died. That's history, this isn't about money, its about what kind of guy he was - great husband, father, human being," according to 10-News.

In 2013, Inquisitr reported on another fatal speedboat accident that left two people dead, and four more people injured.

(Image credit via LaTorre Wellness Center)