Walmart Shopper Does Something Awful To A Stuffed Animal — You’ll Never Guess What

Walmart can be the site of some pretty strange things, especially if you happen to end up there at 3 a.m. Some of it is more grisly — like when police opened fire on a man in August — while other odd shoppers just end up on People of Walmart for our enjoyment. Other times, events in the store are just plain bizarre — like a man who recently used a Florida Walmart’s merchandise as his personal sex toy, reported The Smoking Gun.

Police in Brooksville, a city 50 miles north of Tampa, arrested a man Tuesday around 3 p.m. after surveillance footage showed him pleasuring himself with a stuffed animal. The man, 19-year-old Sean Johnson, is shown on Walmart’s security footage carefully selecting a stuffed horse toy then taking it to the store’s bedding department. Once there, Sean proceeded to use the plush horse as a sexual aid before ejaculating onto the product. Walmart employees then saw Johnson return the stuffed animal the shelf where he had found it — right beside other stuffed toys. Reportedly, Walmart removed the product from the store, as well as any other Walmart merchandise that the defiled horse may have come into contact with.

Walmart stuffed animal
Sean Johnson, 19, was charged with indecent exposure.

After being confronted by Walmart security, Sean attempted to flee the premises, only to be caught up with and detained in the the parking lot. Local police arrived to take Johnson into custody. Sean has reportedly admitted to the crime he committed inside the Florida Walmart. Upon being booked into Hernando County Jail, he was charged indecent exposure and criminal mischief. As of 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, he had paid a $1,500 to walk free from police custody.

Walmart has seen its fair share of crimes — several instances of customers shooting other Walmart shoppers or employees have occurred over the past few years. One study even claimed that Walmart opening up shop in an area was linked to an increase in the area’s crime rate, according to The Huffington Post. Walmart disputed the claim, saying that the store does a lot of good for communities.

“This is a flawed study that relies on outdated information and fails to present the facts about Walmart’s positive impact on communities. The truth is the presence of a Walmart has significant benefit to consumers, homeowners, and taxpayers. Families save money, property values increase, and millions of dollars in taxes are paid to local governments helping to fund education, public safety, and infrastructure improvements.”

Another strange sexual Walmart crime occurred in 2012, when a 300-pound man stripped down completely naked in the store’s parking lot. Once inside the Walmart, police were forced to use a stun gun in order to subdue him.

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