Elderly Cat Owner Sent To Nursing Home, What Happened Next Is Amazing

Elderly cat owner Nancy Cowen was sent to a nursing home, sadly separating her from her feline friend Cleo. A few weeks later, she received a surprising visitor.

Cowen had been placed in the care of Bramley House staff in England, forcing her and her pet to part ways after it was determined she could no longer care for herself. Eight years prior, Cleo had been a stray cat that Nancy Cowen had adopted and taken care of. Cowen’s family decided that as she was taken to the nursing home, her cat should go to one of the neighbors.

Cleo had other plans.

Two weeks later, a cat showed up in front of the nursing home and started hanging out by the door and on benches. She wandered the facility, looking into windows, but didn’t create any problems. The staff simply thought she was a friendly stray until Nancy Cowen noticed the fluffy visitor and remarked to the staff how it looked a lot like Cleo.

Upon closer inspection, the elderly cat owner noticed something more than familiar about the cat. Most of its tail was missing.

Caregiver Leslie Thomas recounted the realization.

“She’d been sort of hanging around, and the care staff started feeding her, obviously, because she’s so cute.

“One day Nancy said ‘Oh, she looks just like my cat, Cleo. But my Cleo had lost most of her tail.’ So we checked, and the cat was missing most of her tail. That’s when we realized that it was Cleo.”

Cleo had the staff baffled as they realized that Nancy Cowen’s cat had found her only weeks after being forced to part ways. When they discovered how far the fluffy gray cat had gone to be with her owner again, the staff gave in and let Cleo stay at Bramley House.

For the second time, the elderly cat owner had given her friend a home off the streets.

Caregiver Laura Costello told The Dodo that Cleo’s adventure was remarkable.

“I think it is just amazing that Cleo found Nancy. Obviously, Cleo knew Nancy was here, but nobody knew that it was her cat. Very strange. I don’t know how Cleo found her. It still baffles me. It’s really, really weird.

“There’s no way she could have followed her, since it’s quite a ways from where Nancy used to live before she came here.”

Sometimes a cat will show the world that dogs aren’t the only loyal pets around. For elderly cat owner Nancy Cowen, Cleo is that cat, a literal friend to the end.

[Image via Grant Melton / Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser]