Miracle 6-Week-Old Puppy Is The Size Of A Hamster, Finally On The Mend Thanks To Owner [Photos]

A British terrier puppy whose siblings all died is eight times smaller than it should be, and was roughly the size of a hamster at six-weeks-old.

This tiny puppy was born in a sickly state along with three other siblings. With the puppies so small and ill, the mother rejected them all. Sadly, all of the other puppies died even with the love and care of their owner. The remaining puppy was named Belle, and owner Karenza Cruse kept Belle alive by watching over the hand-sized pooch 24/7 and feeding it hourly from a syringe, according to the Sun.

After a rough first few months, including a number of trips to the veterinarian and a bout of pneumonia, Belle is now 5-months-old, doing well, and garnering international attention for her extremely petite size and incredibly story. She is finally bigger than most rodents!

Jezebel recently did a story on the tiny pooch, and notes that Belle had to be resuscitated only minutes after she was born. Her mother, Darcy, had four puppies, but Belle is the only survivor. A male puppy also survived for a time, but despite excellent care and the best efforts to keep him alive, Belle’s brother died and she was left alone and in danger of succumbing to the same fate. Fortunately for Belle, she was in the good and caring hands of Cruse.

Cruse was determined to do all in her power to ensure that Belle pulled through the ordeal. Cruse created a Facebook page dedicated to the journey of Belle. The page includes numerous photos of the puppy from birth to 5 months of age. It is hard to imagine that Belle is 5-months-old looking at photos as she is an astonishing eight-times smaller than the average terrier. Side-by-side comparisons on the page are startling.

Though Cruse has never asked for money to help pay for the veterinarian bills of Belle, many good samaritans have come forward to lend a helping hand financially. Cruse recently setup a Paypal account to specifically be used for Belle’s medical expenses.

Check out some of the adorable photos of the what some are calling Britain’s (and possibly the world’s) tiniest dog below.

This tiny miracle puppy is a survivor much like the dog who was said to have nine lives after surviving being hit by a car and an attempted euthanization by the shelter.

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