Joe Giudice Spending Time Away From Home Since Sentencing, Friend Says

According to a new report published by Radar Online on Wednesday, Joe Giudice has been spending time away from his wife Teresa at their family home, having been sentenced to a 41 month stint in jail for a variety of misdemeanors.

A close friend of Joe told the publication that he has favored spending time with his siblings and friends lately as the very last place he wants to be right now is in the "house of horrors" with Teresa, who for her part, is also trying to work out how to handle the next few years of her life.

The friend told Radar,

"The last place he wants to be is home with Teresa in the house of horrors. He felt intense pressure from Teresa over the years to provide her with an over the top lifestyle, and the house is just a horrible reminder of that. When Joe does come home, it's very late at night and things are very tense between the two of them."
And as if Joe Giudice's problems weren't bad enough, he is due in court once again on Wednesday to find out his fate for his previous driver's license fraud case, which comes on top of the 41 month jail sentence he just received.

Apparently, Joe made the silly mistake of impersonating his brother, Pietro Giudice, to get a driver's license in June 2010, after his own was suspended following a DWI five months earlier.

Joe's ruse was revealed when police pulled Pietro over in March 2011, and his brother's image came up on the police search.

Radar previously reported that Joe Giudice reached a plea deal after "prosecutors signed off on allowing Joe to serve the prison time in the driver's license case concurrently with the bankruptcy fraud."

As a result of that plea deal, Joe will most likely be sentenced to five years behind bars, according to inside sources.