Stephen Tyler Falls in Shower, Loses Two Teeth... Food Poisoning to Blame?

Aerosmith singer Stephen Tyler is recovering after a "nasty fall" in a Paraguay hotel bathroom.

Tyler, 63, had to get stitches and lost two teeth in the fall, and spent four hours in the local emergency room after the Tuesday incident. According to MTV, the accident has placed a slight crimp in the band's Latin American tour, but Tyler is expected to get back in gear by tonight- the music channel reports:

The incident forced Aerosmith to cancel Tuesday night's show in Asuncion, Paraguay, which was part of their current Latin American tour. The outing kicked off on Saturday in Lima, Peru, and is slated to hit La Plata, Argentina, on Friday and swing through Brazil, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico before heading to Japan in late November.
A promoter for the show Aerosmith postponed said:
"Mr. Tyler had a small accident that prevents him from staging the concert [Tuesday.] He is fine, he's in his hotel but he's not able to do the concert."
As to what caused the fall, the precipitate may surprise you. A rep for Tyler spoke to TMZ about the singer's fall and says that Tyler was weak due to dehydration from a bout of food poisoning. The Paraguay incident wasn't the first time Tyler received significant injuries after a fall. Back in 2009, Tyler plunged backwards off a stage in South Dakota, and sustained injuries to his head and neck.

After the latest incident, Tyler's daughter Mia tweeted:

"Thank you for all the love regarding my dad and his accident. He is recovering and doing much better. I will pass on all the well wishes. My dad takes a lickin but always keeps on tickin. Can't nothin bring down the Demon Of Screamin!”