October 16, 2014
Pit Bull Found Viciously Knived And Hit With A Shovel In Los Angeles Streets

"Pit bull attack" is sometimes reported more often than "pit bull rescues." You rarely here about stories like Sharky and Gremlin. So, it is not unusual that some people wouldn't hesitate to commit animal cruelty against a pit bull.

However, The Inquisitr followed the story of Sarge the Pit Bull, and his story was truly tragic. He was possibly shot with an arrow that went so deep it pierced his belly. Sarge the pit bull is just one of many cases of animal cruelty against the breed.

The New York Daily News reports that what Spartacus the pit bull received was far worse.

"Police are looking for the perpetrator of a savage knife attack on a 2-year-old pit bull mix named Spartacus that left the dog for dead early Saturday on a Los Angeles street."

The report stated that Spartacus the pit bull was hit over the head with a shovel, stabbed, and slashed multiple times. His injuries required 1,000 stitches. A group called the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation were able to transport the severely wounded pit bull to a local hospital, where it took surgeons two hours to close the wounds on the dog.

Spartacus the pit bull was found on a Los Angeles street with no one else in the vicinity. It was stated that the wound on his neck was so bad that it looked like someone tried to "cut his head off".

LAPD Sargent Tami Baumman spoke to NBC Los Angeles about the seriousness of the wounds, and her impressions of seeing the wounded pit.

"This is very serious on many levels. I have 21 years with the police department and I've never seen a dog that cut up before by somebody."

The Ghetto Rescue FFoundation said that when they got the call about Spartacus, they had "heavy hearts." They went on to say they "knew they had to" help the severely injured pit.

The pit bull's owners left him with an adoptive family because they say they "fear another attack." The foundation is still keeping tabs on Spartacus, posting photos of him with his adopted owners.

spartacus the pit bull

The Los Angeles Times reports that the LAPD alleges that the Spartacus the pit bull is not a victim of animal cruelty.

"However, in this particular case, our animal cruelty experts believe that the investigation is revealing this is a case of self-defense by a person faced with a dog who was at large and in attack mode."

Despite this report, no information about the alleged victim, his or her location, or any other information is presently available. They reported that several witnesses tell a story contrary to the initial animal cruelty case, but there is no information to confirm this report.

Spartacus the pit bull, however, has garnered support of dog owners on Facebook. #Iamspartacus has been streaming across Facebook since the incident.

This case sounds eerily similar to an incident that happened in San Francisco in August. The Inquisitr reported on a incident where a pit bull owner had his dog stabbed by another man, and it died later that day at the hospital.

[ Images Via Schnauzi.com And Ghetto Rescue FFoundation]