A Pit Bull Named Gremlin ‘Shakes It Off’ Better Than Taylor Swift

What does a gremlin, a pit bull, and Taylor Swift have in common? A pit bull named “Gremlin” just managed to outdo Taylor Swift. Now, to be fair, Taylor Swift does have her fair share of criticism. The Inquisitr recently reported on the most recent offense.

“Poor Taylor Swift. Whether it’s getting abuse for dating too many men or being hounded for criticizing another singer, she just can’t seem to catch a break. Despite the fact that she is one of the most beautiful and talented singers currently in the music business, a number of plastic surgeons have allegedly declared that she isn’t a natural beauty and has had a boob and nose job.”

Fairly or unfairly, that’s not to say that pit bulls do not suffer their own stigma. Pit bulls are in the news far more often and shown in a negative light. In this latest news, the balance of the scales between pit bulls and Taylor Swift might have officially tilted.

FOX 2 Now reported that another rescued pit bull is making news, but not in the same way that we have seen in the past. The YouTube video of Gremlin the pit bull is from the online network HooplaHa. The series is called Life in the Dog House, and Gremlin is the music video star of this Taylor Swift parody. The information can be found on the Life in the Dog HouseYouTube Page.

“Meatball, Money, The Stig, Tejas, Quinn, Sammy, DaVinci and the only lady in the pack, a Pit Bull named Gremlin. If you think things are crazy under their roof, you’re right! In their new music video parody to Taylor Swifts ‘Shake it Off,’ Gremlin struts her stuff and takes center stage in a story about what it’s like to be the princess of the pack, guaranteed to bring happiness and smiles to everyone she meets!”

Gremlin the pit bull’s story is a remarkable one because, by all accounts, she should not be here today. According to Yahoo News, Gremlin was used in a fighting ring before becoming the lovable pup who is giving Taylor Swift a run for her money with her own song. The up-and-coming pit bull pop star was used as a breeding dog, which means her puppies were used for a fighting ring based in Washington, D.C.

The once-tragic tale tells of how when Gremlin was no longer useful for breeding, they broke her legs and used her as a “bate dog.” A dog that is chained or tied up while other dogs attack them for sport, Yahoo News reported. Chris Hughes, one half of the newlyweds who own Gremlin and the other swathe of dogs, was working as an undercover police officer when he found the injured pit bull. He explained the shape she was in when he first saw her.

“Her legs were broken and grew back in such a way that they needed to be rebroken.” Gremlin’s vocal cords were also ruptured.”

Chris later switched professions to help animals and adopted Gremlin, who is one of eight other canines in his household. Life in the Dog House can be viewed on their YouTube channel. In fact, the new viral pop sensation Gremlin has her own Facebook page.

It is probably safe to say that we have not seen the last of Gremlin, but what is next? We will all have to follow her show to find out.

[ Image Via Gremlin’s Facebook page, Video Via the Life in the Dog House YouTube Channel ]

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