Pink Admits That Daughter Willow Is Already Swearing

Pink admitted to something that many parents try to hide — that being the fact that their children swear. While it’s no big secret that many children pick up this bad little habit, is it all that surprising that Pink’s three-year-old daughter would be swearing at such a young age?

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, Pink shared a funny little story about three-year-old Willow and her little potty mouth.

“I was getting ready to go out on stage and she ran in and she must have been preparing this, like a bit,” the singer told Ellen. “She said, ‘I’m f***ing here’ and I was like, I’m sorry, I can’t. My ears don’t understand what you’re saying.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, this isn’t the first time little Willow has dropped the F-bomb. She reportedly told Ellen that Willow “mutters it when she thinks no one is looking.” Many parents are mortified to admit that their young children swear, but Pink can’t help but laugh at the idea.

“It’s so cute! I mean, I’m not encouraging it but — come on, it’s like this little 3-year-old body…”

According to the Daily Mail, Ellen went on to joke that little Willow was “like a little sailor.”

What did fans think of the fact that Pink’s daughter swears like a little sailor? Just check out their Twitter reaction for yourself!

It’s not all that surprising that Pink’s daughter would be swearing at such an early age. Children pick up so many thing when they are young, and with a mother who is not only a worldwide superstar but who is also known for songs that include quite a few swears in them, it was only a matter of time before three-year-old Willow started talking like a little sailor.

Who knows, this could be a sign that little Willow is following in her mother’s footsteps to becoming the next widely known little punk! Willow should live it up while she can because while the potty mouth is cute now, that doesn’t mean it will be a few years down the line!

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[Image via Covergirl Twitter Feed]