Taylor Swift 'Out Of The Woods': Some iTunes Users Report Difficulty Downloading

Taylor Swift's new song, Out of the Woods, was released at midnight exclusively on iTunes, to the joy of fans. However, some fans immediately began tweeting to Swift that they were unable to download the track through iTunes.

The rest of the Taylor Swift album, 1989, on which Out of the Woods is included, is expected to be released on October 27, nearly two weeks away and for some would-be downloaders of the new song, the iTunes store continued to maintain that the track was 'album only' -- not available for purchase without the entire Taylor Swift album.

The irony of that quickly became apparent: the fans being troubled were those who had already pre-ordered Swift's new album!

Fortunately, Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote Out of the Woods with Taylor and produced it, quickly found the solution which he and Taylor passed on to her 45 million or so followers on Twitter:So, if you pre-ordered Swift's new album and con't get Out of the Woods to download, here's the easiest (and cheapest -- some fans told Taylor they'd paid a second time in their anxiety to get the new song!) Simply locate the album in iTunes, and under Shake It Off, find the words 'Show Rest Of Album.' Click that and the track should be available for download.

It's evident that plenty of fans did successfully download the new song, though. Lena Dunham tweeted a screenshot of the iTunes store less than an hour after midnight, showing that Swift's newest song had already climbed to the top of the iTunes charts.

Swift, who tweeted about how nervous and excited she was over the song's release, should certainly be happy with that reception! She's definitely satisfied with the song itself. She uploaded a YouTube video yesterday talking about how well the new song carries the emotion she was trying to convey.

Did you pre-order Taylor Swift's 1989, and if so, did you have any trouble getting Out of the Woods to download?

[Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer]