ISIS Terrorists May Have Used Chemical Weapons On Kurds In Syria

The Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS, may possess chemical weapons that it has already used to kill ethnic Kurds near Kobani, Syria. Disturbing photos taken by Kurdish activists and examined by Israeli researchers shows evidence of the use of chemical weapons.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the chemical weapons that are in use by ISIS terrorists may be the chemical weapons seized from Saddam Hussein’s old arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. If you ever wondered what is going on in the Iraq-Syria civil war and what ISIS is, then this quick animation of less than five minutes may be of some assistance.

Mideast Syria Battle of Kobani

Jonathan Spyer, editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, said that experts believe the Kurds were slaughtered in July with what “appears to be a case of mustard gas or some kind of blistering agent.”

The pictures, obtained by MERIA, show the bodies of Syrian Kurds who appear to have been gassed by ISIS in the besieged Kobani region this July. That fighting came just one month after ISIS terrorist forces surged through the once-notorious Muthanna compound in Iraq, the massive base where Hussein began producing chemical weapons in the 1980s, which he used to kill thousands of Kurds in Halabja in northern Iraq in 1988.

Be warned that some of the images are disturbing. Caution is advised. The images of the dead Syrian Kurds show their bodies in graphic detail.

After the July offensive by ISIS terrorists, the health minister of the Kurdish authority in Kobani, Nisan Admed, set up a medical team to examine the the incident. According to Ahmed, the bodies of three Kurdish fighters showed no signs of damage from bullets. Rather “burns and white spots on the bodies of the dead indicated the use of chemicals, which led to death without any visible wounds or external bleeding.”


If ISIS did indeed gain chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein’s WMD stash in Muthanna, this could be evidence to prove it. But the State Department had released statements previously that these munitions were not of use for warfare.

“We do not believe that the complex contains [chemical weapons] materials of military value, and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to safely move the materials.”

Also, the Israeli experts who examined the photos that suggested it showed exposure to mustard gas did, however, add that more data was needed to form a definitive conclusion, according to the Times of Israel.

It still remains unclear whether chemical agents were actually used by the terrorist group ISIS or where they were obtained from. Whether this destruction was by chemical weapons or not, the terrorist group continues in its horrific destruction of any who oppose them.

Do you think that ISIS has or is continuing use chemical weapons?

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