Michael Lohan Arrested, Lindsay's Dad in Trouble With the Law Again

Lohan family, you are having the worst week ever.

First Lindsay got in a bit of hot water for her continual blow-offs of judicial orders and refusal to comply, and now dad Michael Lohan has been arrested in Florida for allegedly beating his girlfriend. To truly elevate the situation to train wreck level, said girlfriend is former Star writer Kate Major, who herself became the trashy story when she took up with other celebrity single dad Jon Gosselin for some high-profile dating hijinks not too long ago.

The arrest occurred in Tampa, and came about after a falling out between Lohan and Major about a restraining order. (Although conflicting stories in the press say Lohan demanded sexual concessions and became violent when he was denied them.) Local news reports:

Lohan, 51, had been trying to persuade his girlfriend, former Star magazine reporter Kate Major, to drop a restraining order from Sarasota County when the two began to argue, according to an arrest affidavit.

Lohan then punched her, smashed her cell phone, grabbed her by the arm and threatened to throw her from their fourth-floor balcony, police said.

Upon being arrested, Lohan immediately complained of chest pain (a complaint he registered during a previous arrest) and was transported to a local hospital. From there, Lohan attempted to leave but was apprehended by police- Lohan claimed he believed he had clearance to leave the hospital. It was reported that the injunction against Lohan was removed for unknown reasons, but that police say Major plans to have the order of protection reinstated following the events that led to Lohan's arrest.

In March, Lohan was arrested for similar charges in California.