Kurt Sutter Teases ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Final Scene: How Does It All End?

As much as fans would like to deny that Sons of Anarchy is ending soon, it’s happening. The show’s creator Kurt Sutter has shared that he just finished writing the script for Episode 13, the final show of the series. Did he just tease a big Sons of Anarchy spoiler about how it all ends for Jax Teller and SAMCRO?

Sutter posted what could have been a massive SOA spoiler, though most followers were able to immediately see that Kurt was messing with his fans. He posted a note to Instagram saying that he just finished episode 13 and he teased the final moment.

Kurt Sutter 'Sons of Anarchy' finale spoiler tease

Somewhat sadly, some followers seemed to consider that this final moment might actually be for real. Most Sons of Anarchy fans took it for what it was: Sutter toying with them, something he relishes doing.

Of course Sutter did note that this ending may have been an early draft, but really it was just Sutter doing what Sutter loves to do, confuse and tantalize fans. Granted this being the legitimate final scene of the series would throw viewers into an uncontrollable frenzy, so Sutter may want to ponder that option.

Luckily the masterful SOA creator didn’t leave fans hanging for too long. He soon tweeted that while yes, he was done writing the finale, his Instagram post wasn’t it. He even teased that he’s “not that big of a c**t.”

How will it actually all end? Long-time fans of SOA know that nobody is going to accurately spoil the answer to that for certain until it airs on FX. If there is a show that manages to keep a tight lid on leaks and spoilers, it is this one without a doubt.

Sutter did talk with Entertainment Tonight recently about what he had planned for that Sons of Anarchy final moment. The pressure is on and it’ll be interesting to see which direction he heads with this one.

Sutter referenced the Sopranos ending, one that garnered a lot of buzz and criticism. Kurt says that he knows he wants viewers to feel satisfied at the end of the series, but he also wants them to wonder a bit about what happens next.

Of course when it comes to this show, it may not be the absolute final moment of the series that leaves fans shaken and stirred. The scenes viewers should be most afraid of, in all likelihood, are the moments that come just prior to the end, a la Season 6 and Tara’s death.

The end is drawing near and fans are not at all prepared. Things are getting wild with SOA and this final ride and Episode 6 airs on Tuesday, October 14. How would you like to see Sons of Anarchy end?

[Image via James Minchin/FX]