Lindsay Lohan Posing For Playboy

Lindsay Lohan has had a rough week, but fortunately for her, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That shimmering light is a big fat check from Hugh Hefner. Playboy is reportedly paying Lohan $750,000 for a nude photoshoot.

TMZ reports that Hef's original offer of $750,000 was initially turned down, as Lohan said that nude photos of her were worth at least a cool million. But Hef didn't budge and eventually Lohan agreed to the $750,000 payday.

And the Playboy shoot is apparently already underway. Lohan is supposedly taking her clothes off at a Beverly Hills Mansion for Playboy... you know, on her days off from the morgue where she was ordered to serve community service.

Is this the right move for Lohan? Her personal life has practically derailed her career. Will posing nude for Playboy get the public talking about her in a flattering way again?

This isn't the first time Lohan has posed nude. In 2008, Lohan recreated a nude photo shoot Marylin Monroe did called "The Last Sitting." But the photo shoot didn't exactly give her a career boost. When it came time to cast Marylin Monroe in the movie, "My Week with Marilyn," director Simon Curtis chose Michele Williams for the title role.

Do you think a Lindsay Lohan Playboy spread will boost her career? At least it will get people talking about something else beside her legal problems.