This Epic Bridge-Riding Video Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat — And Scare You Senseless!

This epic bridge-riding video is absolutely crazy!

You are not going to believe your eyes when you see what can be done, a bicycle, a local bridge, and absolutely no fear.

The GoPro team has been able to release quite a few impressive, thrilling, and scary videos over the past few months that keep viewers on the edge of their seat. However, this epic bridge-riding video seems to take things one step further. You see, this video will actually make you feel like you are taking the ride on the bicycle along with him. When you take a quick look down at the water beneath the bridge and realize just how high off of the ground he was, it just might scare you senseless!

As reported by Digital Trends, this professional stuntman rides his motorbike directly over the entire structure of the actual bridge — not just the road surface. As you can see from the footage, he rides his bike directly on top of the cement arch. Since you are able to enjoy a full close-up view of the biker, you can clearly see that he does not have any safety harnesses that will keep him protected in case he should fall off.

Please do not try this at home. Keep in mind that the guy in this video is a professional stuntman.

Once he road over the arch, he decided to step things up a few notches on the actual road surface as well — by performing a wheelie and riding it directly across the bridge which spanned a large river.

Reports confirm that the professional stuntman featured in this video is a part of the Stunt Freaks team.

Can you imagine how many times he had to practice this type of epic bridge riding before he finally perfected it without any mistakes? Of course, he more than likely used safety harnesses and cords in order to keep himself protected during those practice sessions. However, in this viral video, he makes it look like epic bridge riding is something that everyone and anyone can do without any hesitation.

What do you think about this epic bridge riding video? Does it make you feel like “living on the edge” and buying a bicycle so that you can do the same thing? Or, does it make your skin crawl just to watch the video of someone else doing it?