Miles Teller And J.K. Simmons Are Intense In The New ‘Whiplash’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Miles Teller has definitely had an impressive couple of years in Hollywood on the big screen – especially when it comes to versatile roles in comedy and drama genres. With Whiplash, it seems as Miles Teller is pushing himself and his talent to the limits.

Based on the first official trailer for the movie, it seems as if Miles Teller just needed to have an intense co-star to push him through his boundaries into a whole new realm of versatility as an actor.

J.K. Simmons seems to have been the perfect guy for the job! J.K. Simmons’character takes his approach to music instruction and coaching more like a military drill sergeant – especially when it comes to boosting his students to reach their full potential. As an actor, J.K. Simmons seems to have transitioned away from his family-friendly roles and more into the grittiness that he was known for during his time on the hit HBO series, Oz.

In this Whiplash trailer, Miles Teller seems to go from passionately wanting to pursue his dreams of a successful career as a musician to desperately wanting to be the very best – regardless of what he is forced to give up along the way just to have the opportunity to do so. The trailer shows the dynamic journey between his character and his love interest – especially when it reaches the climax of cutting her off in order to focus solely on his music.

Whiplash provides a brand new spin on the typical music student-teacher dynamic that has been explored in many other movies over the years. This movie does not really shine a light on the happy tales of underdogs that excel through their musical talents – such as Music of the Heart and Mr. Holland’s Opus.

This is the type of movie that excels far beyond that and heads straight to the dark side of the same type of relationship.

Check out a glimpse of his performance alongside J.K. Simmons in this official trailer for the film.

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