Selena Gomez 'In Tears' In Church After Justin Bieber Split, Needy Or Understandable?

Page Mackinley

Selena Gomez was told by every Tom, Dick and Harriet not to reunite with Justin Bieber, who is clearly not ready or willing to settle down.

And now that the famously on-off couple have split up again, the 22-year-old pop princess has revealed she was "in tears" after attending church on Sunday during a trip home over the weekend visiting her grandparents in Dallas, Texas.

After the service with The Potter's House preacher, Pastor Thomas Dexter Jakes, Selena shared an Instagram picture with the pastor, also revealed his message reminded her to "keep going."

"This morning at @bishopjakes The Potters house. Unbelievable message. Had me in tears. Thank you Bishop for reminding me why I should always keep going," she wrote.

The pic showed the make-up free "Come & Get It" songstress wearing black.

Selena posted further snaps during the trip to her home state, including a picture with her grandfather David Cornett in a garage, captioned,

"Papas girl. Folks, I'm home. Mark 2:1," which refers to a Bible passage describing Jesus' return home.

The actress-singer's return home comes after a busy week of promoting her latest movie Rudderless and a recent split with Justin, 20, after two months of uninterrupted dates.

The couple's Paris Fashion week jaunt ended with a solo Gomez flying to Los Angeles on October 1, one day after he took buddy supermodel Kendall Jenner to lunch in the City of Lights. Hours later, she unfollowed him on Instagram after posting tweets suggesting their reunion was over.

Us Weekly is reporting Selena called time on her relationship with Justin during the pair's vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Martin just before they hit Paris, after she allegedly found a text message on his phone from Kendall, 18, suggesting a meet in France.

According to the mag, "Selena doesn't trust Kendall's motives" and the couple "fought and split," even though Justin insisted he and the model are just friends. The purported insider also claims Bieber still hopes to reunite with Gomez and "wants her back."

That may be news to the "Boyfriend" singer, who was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills on Saturday with rumored former fling model Ashley Moore, along with his pals.

(Photo: Justin Bieber with model Ashley Moore in Beverly Hills on Saturday, October 11.)

Into the mix of speculation about Kendall's relationship with Justin, publicist and frequent guest on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jonathan Cheban offered his opinion on the three stars in a recent video interview with Us Weekly.

After stressing that Kendall is a "friend" of the Biebs, Cheban said of Justin and Selena's romance,

"They're a great couple, on and off. They give everyone entertainment and I'm friendly with both of them. I like them both. They're very cool."

"This is the best way to do a Hollywood relationship --- they're on for a few months, they break up. But ultimately, if they love each other and they're settled down in a year or two, then they'll reconnect and keep it going."

Cheban continued, "It seems like with the two of them it's a forever thing because it does not end. It keeps going and going. They're a good match."

(Photo: Justin posted a "kissing" pic of himself and Selena taken during their Caribbean break, four days after Selena unfollowed him on Instagram on October 1.)

Meanwhile, although Heat magazine claims Selena is "tired" of the Canadian superstar's "games" and alleges "Justin is really putting in the effort, telling her how wonderful she is," one of the starlet's recent Instagram posts may indicate she is still open to making things work.

Just before Selena was spotted in Texas, she posted a cover art picture of Shania Twain's classic song "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)."

The lyrics are about a girlfriend reassuring her long-distance boyfriend that she loves him despite their separation.

While Selena recently said people read too much into her social media posts, could she be hinting at her state of mind?

(Photo: The Spring Breakers actress recently posted a screenshot of cover art for Shania Twain's classic song.)

In a recent interview for Rudderless, the Latina said she understood the emotionally raw character she plays in the movie, adding,

"Being vulnerable and dealing with things is something I can relate to right now because I am figuring out how to deal with all those emotions, so I think I'm wanting to continue to go wherever my heart is taking me."

It's likely Selena's family think it's high time she kicked her Justin Bieber habit to the curb and moved on. Perhaps, this time, the starlet will listen?