Mario Lopez Reveals That He Is A Post-Abortive Father

Mario Lopez of Saved By the Bell and Extra fame recently opened up in his new tell-all memoir, Just Between Us, about his escapades of the past. One regret that he revealed is that he once fathered a child who was aborted when he was just 15 years old.

Lopez admits to being a playboy for much of his life, according to People, saying that sex was his “drug of choice.” He lost his virginity at the ripe old age of 12, the day before his 13th birthday. His perspective has changed dramatically over they years, but the wild lifestyle before he met his wife Courtney Mazza has impacted much of his life.

“Now that I’m a dad, I look back and I think, ‘Oh my God!’ But you’ve got to understand, when you’re growing up in the hood, everybody grows up fast.”

One of Lopez’s early relationships happened when he was 15. He got a girl pregnant. Having been raised in the Catholic church, Mario had made up his mind to respond to her pregnancy in accordance with the teachings of his childhood faith. He reportedly told the mother that he would get a full-time job and work to support her and the baby. However, she chose to have an abortion, according to Life Site News.

“I could have a kid who is 25 years old. That’s unbelievable.”

One outlet, Live Action News,takes issue with the way that the NY Daily News is framing the story of Lopez having lost a baby to abortion.

“One source reports that Mario’s abortion ‘saved him’ from becoming a teen dad, and erroneously states that he ‘almost produced a child. Mario did produce a child — that child was simply not given the opportunity to live long.”

Lopez now has two living children with Courney, Gia and Dominic, who recently celebrated their fourth and first birthdays, respectively.

Mario Lopez’s playboy lifestyle also got him into trouble with his first wife, Ali Landry, as The Inquisitr has previously reported. Their marriage lasted only two weeks, after they dated for 10 years prior. At his bachelor party, Lopez got a bit “too friendly” with a guest, and Ali saw photos of his indiscretion. They went through with the big wedding in Mexico, but the marriage was annulled two weeks later. In his memoir, Lopez reveals that he realized that he was not actually in love with Landry.

Before Mario and Courtney became an item, he revealed a dramatic change of heart from his earlier days, in a Newsweek interview.

“I’m just working on becoming Mr. Right, not necessarily working on finding Mrs. Right.”

Mario and Courtney Lopez were married in the Catholic church and, according to The Hollowverse, Lopez attends mass every week now, as a “nice Catholic boy.” When Newsweek asked Mario Lopez about confession, he confided, “I don’t go to confession because I’m usually working when the confession booth is open.”

“But I confess every night in my head because if I waited all week, it’d be too much. God would be overwhelmed.”

[image via Latino FOX News]