WWE: Roman Reigns’ Monday Night RAW Interview Has Vince McMahon Mad

When Roman Reigns showed up for Monday Night RAW, it was based upon a taped interview that was said to be a satellite feed for the benefit of fans. When the WWE Universe reacted poorly to Reigns’ interview, Vince McMahon was claimed to be furious.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of the older WrestleMania 31 rumors claimed that The Rock would take on his cousin Roman Reigns, but now it’s being claimed that Dwayne Johnson’s old injuries may prevent him from wrestling anyone at all since Hollywood would not want his busy filming schedule to be interrupted if he re-injured himself.

When Roman Reigns spoke live to the WWE Universe in Brooklyn, he seemed to indicate that he would prefer to fly back onto the ring sooner rather than later, although recovery time for hernia surgery can often be between three to six month. Regardless, Reigns is already counting down the days until he can wrestle again, and it’s claimed the doctors are happy with the progress Reigns is making in his recovery. In addition to the segment on his health update, Reigns also discussed what he felt during his initial debut with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

While all of that is all well and good, it’s not what he said but how he said it that has Vince McMahon mad. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, like practically everything in the WWE these days, the interview was written and scripted by WWE creative. But Triple H is claimed to have wanted Reigns to come off as a “bad*ss babyface that didn’t have a care in the world” during the interview. Instead, Reigns seemed uncomfortable, which is either due to his healing injuries or because he could not play that kind of character, which does not bode well for his career.

Interestingly enough, Vince McMahon is claimed to not have watched the prerecorded Roman Reigns segment before it aired on Monday Night RAW, but once he saw it he was reportedly fuming. This reaction was only made worse when the online fans reacted badly to Reigns’ performance, and even others in the company were not happy with the result.