Kerry Washington Dishes On Red Carpet Diet And Fashion Passion [Video]

Scandal actress Kerry Washington has become famous for her gorgeous skin, fabulous figure, and striking fashion choices. Now she’s sharing all her secrets, from fashion and diet to how Jennifer Lopez taught her to dance, reported Us Weekly.

Kerry says that she and Jennifer both grew up in the Bronx. And although she admits that they have very different body types, Washington credits J. Lo for teaching her how to move on the dance floor.

“You wouldn’t know it from my build, but Jennifer taught me how to dance. I remember when she left the Boys Club because she was leaving New York to go to L.A. to try and make it big and we were all like, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

So how are Kerry’s dance moves? She recently displayed them on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Although she rules the red carpet, Kerry has a secret fashion passion for a down-home deal.

“I am from the Bronx, so I am also a bit of a sneaker addict. I love really fun sneakers,” she confessed.

But Washington doesn’t limit herself. She appreciates the benefits of variety.

“I really gravitate toward having all different styles in my closet because I feel like I always want to dress to fit my mood or where I am going,” said Kerry.

Although she looks as if she can wear whatever she wants, Washington views having her clothes tailored to flatter her figure as an essential step in ruling the red carpet.

“I think every girl should have a tailor in her phone,” said Kerry. “I don’t care if you are like a supermodel size zero or a plus size girl, clothes are not meant for every single person — it is just not possible.”

Because she’s petite, Washington is careful about her food plan. And although it might look as if she gulps down gallons of red wine on Scandal, Kerry revealed to Yahoo that those elegant wine glasses actually contain grape juice so that she can stay on her Paleo-style diet. Asked if she ever drinks red wine, Washington was firm in her denial.

“I don’t! Maybe once or twice a year, especially if I am traveling somewhere, but I am not a big wine drinker,” said Kerry.

So what does she eat? Kerry Washington’s personal trainer Nonna Gleyzer told Shape magazine that the actress is extremely healthy. She eats small meals throughout the day that consist primarily of low carb diet foods. And Kerry is cuckoo for coconut.

“I know she also loves coconut water, which gives her potassium and important electrolytes. She focuses on lean proteins and veggies,” noted Nonna.

In addition, Washington drinks green smoothies, according to Ecorazzi.

“I am not a vegan, but I like vegan protein shakes. I mix them with coconut water instead of regular water. That’s my secret to having them taste better,” said Kerry.

However, although she’s willing to talk about her own diet and fashion, Kerry keeps details about her family and new baby to herself. She admits that she’s an extremely private person, as the Inquisitr reported. She and former NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha even kept their wedding low-key.

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