Wasco Clown Timeline: Wasco, Bakersfield Clowns Gain National Attention

Traciy Reyes

Creepy clowns brandishing machetes are horrifying members of the community at night in Wasco and Bakersfield, and according to the Los Angeles Times, the police are taking the clown sightings in Bakersfield seriously, and plan to make arrests if the disturbing activity does not stop.

Clowns first started showing up in Wasco on October 1, 2014. In an interview with the man behind the original sitings, he states that the clown was for a photo project that his wife is working on. There is also an official Wasco clown Facebook page, where fans talk about Wasco clown sightings. The clown can be seen on other social media sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

However, it is unfortunate that the Wasco clown photography project has inspired some copy cats to scare and terrorize the community's residents in Bakersfield, California. The latest clown sighting in Bakersfield that concerns police the most involves individuals who are chasing people and wielding weapons while dressed as a clown.

One teen has already been arrested, and the police are prepared to make more arrests, Sgt. Joseph Grubbs stated.

"We will make arrests on this. We want this to stop."

Here is how the Wasco clown and the Bakersfield clown cases unfolded.

October 1: The Wasco clown photography project begins.

October 6: The Wasco clown or someone supporting the clown joins Facebook. The administrator denies being the Wasco clown.

"Just a reminder... I am not the clown. I am a fan and this is a fan page. Like people have for their favorite musicians. I am just a person that loves Halloween and thinks what the clown family is doing is pretty clever. You are free to post anything clown and Halloween related here. The page will be removed October 31st."

October 8: Reports of a clown chasing students with an ax at Golden Valley High School in Bakersfield starts a small panic around the town. Golden Valley High School principal tells media outlets that the reports are a hoax.

October 9: The Wasco Facebook page is receiving thousands of fans. The administrator encourages the fans to posts their favorite pics of the creepy clowns. Homie the clown, Bozo the clown, and the Kaboom clown are frequently featured on the Wasco clown page.

October 9: Police in Bakersfield, California, are still getting calls about clown sitings.

October 10: Bakersfield police arrest a teen who chased people on Pacheco road while dressed in a clown suit, according to Kern Golden Empire.

October 11: People in the city of Wasco are seeing scary clowns at night. Very few people in the town know the true story behind the Wasco clown sitings. Wasco community members think the nationwide news coverage about their favorite clown is cool. Students in the kindergarten classes are even drawing pictures of the clown.

"Taking over the news!!!!! Even if it's creepy news I love it!!!," stated one Wasco clown Facebook fan.

Note: The original Wasco clown and the Facebook page had nothing to do with the disturbing clown activities in Bakersfield, California.