Chicago Crazy Lady Gets Instant Karma After Assaulting Bicyclist For Riding On Sidewalk [Video]

If there is one place in the United States that has some very unique (at times fatal or controversial) interactions among its people, Chicago probably fits the bill very well. The Inquisitr has reported numerous times on some of the most interesting happenings to come out of the Windy City. This includes news of a hippo hiding in the Chicago River, becoming the hometown of a burger inspired by the one behind the one in 21-1, and arguments that a new elite school rumored to be named after Barack Obama was not built in a black community. Randomly unique, but still interesting, right?

Now there are reports of a woman, acting extremely crazy with a man who was bicycling on the sidewalk. Her outlandish aggression and inability to control the situation lands her a visit with karma after she assaults the bicyclist.

The video started to get attention on multiple sites, including MSN Sports, this week. Some of the websites even write that the woman in the video isn’t playing with a full deck of cards (which means she isn’t thinking straight for our international readers who may not know American sayings). Although the video is starting to go viral, it was actually published back on July 20, 2014 on Grayson Throckmorton’s YouTube profile.

The first part of the argument between the bicyclist and woman, which is not on film, is actually described in detail in the first paragraph of the video’s description.

“So, I’m coasting down the sidewalk (at walking speed) when I hear a woman scream: ‘Get off the sidewalk you a**hole!’ I respond by saying ‘Why are you so angry on a Saturday evening? It must really suck to wake up everyday so miserable.’ She does not like this. She starts pointing her finger in my face while continuing to scream and ending every one of her sentences with ‘…you a**hole!'”

The Blaze followed up with details in their article, in which they report specific details from the video. Apparently, the woman who was nasty to Grayson Throckmorton started acting differently once he pulled his phone out and started to record the situation. That should have been a sign for the woman to just let it go, but she gets angry again and even attempts to touch Grayson’s phone. Afterwards, a bit more banter occurred, until the woman intentionally spills her drink all over Grayson.

Unfortunately for the woman, she did not realize that an off-duty police officer was nearby, resulting in a bit of bickering between the woman and the police officer. At one point, the officer asks Grayson Throckmorton if he’d like to press charges, and he agrees. However, both Grayson and the off-duty police officer agree to simply let it go after arguing with the woman for almost 10 minutes.

Now that you’ve seen the video of the woman assaulting the bicyclist, what are your opinions on it? Was the woman out of line? Did the bicyclist cause the situation if it is true they are not supposed to bike on sidewalks? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via Screencap of Youtube Video]

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