WWE News: Paul Heyman Gets His Own Official Burger In Chicago!

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman and he is the one, behind the one, in 21-1… and you can get it with a side of fries! The reason why is because Chicago is now home to the Paul Heyman burger, which is named after the popular WWE star and former ECW owner, Paul Heyman.

As most WWE wrestling fans of know, Chicago is the home town of CM Punk, and WWE held its last WWE Monday Night RAW show there. Stephanie McMahon stated she left the door open for “The Best in the World” to return, and it seemed as if the WWE Universe wanted it too. Unfortunately for the WWE fans, CM Punk was a no-show. However, Chicago also admires Paul Heyman because of his support of CM Punk. Not to mention that they had one of the best wrestler/manager relationships on television. It is also known that Paul Heyman credits CM Punk for terming “Paul Heyman Guy” and making it popular.

According to Wrestling Inc, the restaurant that created the Paul Heyman burger is known as the Squared Circle, a bar-style pub with a lot of wrestling themes. It is owned and operated by Lisa Marie Varon, who is known by most wrestling fans as Victoria in the WWE and Tara in TNA. The burger is stuffed with swiss cheese and topped with pastrami, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing on a rye bun.

The original article on Chicago Tribune explains that the Paul Heyman burger’s debut will be during the screening of the documentary Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman on Septermber 27. Also, it shows the dialogue both Lisa Marie Varon and Paul Heyman had on Twitter leading to the birth of the burger.

Paul Heyman did respond back, tweeting that if it’s a pastrami burger, he would show up and have Lisa Marie Varon feed it to him personally. That right there probably explains why the burger has pastrami, but as for the rest of the burger, Varon shares some details in an email she sent out Wednesday.

“The jumping off point was that he said he’d eat anything with pastrami. So as a tribute to him, we went the Jewish soul food route and put a pastrami Reuben on a Swiss stuffed burger.”

Makes sense because Paul Heyman is Jewish. Nevertheless, the burger is now available at the Squared Circle, and can be ordered with other wrestler-inspired foods, such as the Gail Kim-chi burger (Gail Kim), Mac Attack burger (McMahon Family), Follow the Buzzards burger (The Wyatt Family), and even the Brooklyn Brawler burger (Brooklyn Brawler) right off of their menu.

Now that you know there is a burger made in honor of Paul Heyman, are you interested in trying it out? Please let everyone know your opinions in the comments below.

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