49ers Bathroom Fight: Fan Beaten After Telling Attacker That Bathroom Stall Was Open, Could Be Paralyzed

A 49ers bathroom fight has left one fan possibly paralyzed after an unprovoked attack by a man who police say has multiple felonies.

The attack took place in a bathroom in the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara during Sunday’s contest against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Police said that the victim tapped the shoulder of 27-year-old Amador Rebollero to let him know that a bathroom stall was open, but Rebollero responded by sucker punching the man in the head. The attacker’s brother, 34-year-old Dario Rebollero, also attacked a fan during the scuffle.

The initial fan attacked was knocked unconscious, hitting his head on the hard bathroom floor.

Police said the victim suffered serious injuries, and could even be paralyzed.

“These victims were beaten like animals,” Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Deborah Hernandez told reporters after the proceedings in court. “One of the victims has suffered severe injuries. He has some bleeding to the brain. He has had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure. He is currently suffering some paralysis.”

Video of the Levi Stadium fan brawl began circulating on social media after being released on Monday morning. The 49ers announced that an investigation was taking place, and that the team was working with local police.

The men responsible for the 49ers bathroom fight were arrested Wednesday and charged with felonies. Amador Rebollero is being held on $350,000 bail, while his brother Dario’s bail was set at $75,000.

“These victims were just standing in line at the bathroom, waiting their turn, trying to make the line move, and then all of a sudden they are beaten,” Hernandez said.

As the Fresno Bee found, Dario Rebollero has a long history with the law. In 2001, he was sentenced to jail for 45 days for assault with a deadly weapon, and later that year served 120 days for charges of animal cruelty and hit and run with property damage. In 2003, vehicle theft charges resulted in 210 more days in jail.

He served jail time on at least three other occasions, including a two-year term in 2008 for vehicle theft, DUI, and evading police.

The main instigator of the 49ers bathroom fight, Amador Rebollero, has also served extensive time in jail including a 16-month stint in 2008 for a variety of charges including car theft.