October 7, 2014
Michael Schumacher Recovery: Former Ferrari Boss Provides Positive Update

Michael Schumacher will be able to lead a "relatively normal life" very soon, according to his former Ferrari boss, Jean Todt.

The Mirror have reported that Todt visited Schumacher, who has been stricken since he was involved in a ski accident last Christmas, at his Swiss mansion, and the Frenchman said that his trip has left him feeling more positive about the German's recovery.

Schumacher suffered a serious head injury while skiing, and after undergoing surgery he was placed in a medically induced coma to help his recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The Formula One icon was then in the coma from 29 December 2013 until 16 June 2014, and he eventually returned home last month where he has undergone further rehabilitation.

The seven-time Formula 1 World Champion is now being cared for in a purpose-built medical suite, which includes a staff of 15 medical experts, and Todt was one of the first people to visit him in his new location. However it's still believed that he is unable to move and cannot speak.

"We must assume that Schumacher can lead a relatively normal life again within a short period of time. We can say he can probably never drive a Formula 1 car again. But he is fighting. His condition improve, and what is just as important is the fact that he is now at home with his family."
While Todt's remarks are hardly the most positive declaration to ever be proclaimed after an accident, it's a step in the right direction. Press attention around Schumacher's injury when it first occurred was emphatic, but as no news was released in the following weeks fans started to fear the worst. In fact it was actually a bit of a shock when we learned that he had come out of his coma in June, while there hasn't been any further information since he arrived in Switzerland.

Todt, who now works as the president of the International Automobile Federation, also went on to discuss how Schumacher has made great strides since he came out of the coma.

"In the past weeks and months, he has made progress in relations to the severity of his injury. But a long and hard road is in front of him. Hopefully things will improve. His family is close to him. He needs time and peace."
Todt's comments will come as a relief to Formula 1 fans across the world who are still reeling from Jules Biacnhi's serious crash at the Japanese Grand Prix over the weekend, which left him with a severe head injury.

[Image via Telegraph]