Brigitte Gabriel Gives Explanation Why The Peaceful Majority In Muslim Population Are Irrelevant, Receives Standing Ovation

Ever since the tragedy to the Twin Towers happened in New York City on September 9, 2011, many people within our country have learned more about basics of the religion of Islam than any other time in our nation’s history. The reason why knowledge to the religion took an upturn is because the nineteen hijackers who committed or attempted to commit terrorist acts on that day in infamy were Arabs who did it for Jihad, which is an Islamic term for “struggle” or “resistance.” Now, most people know about Muslims in general and mostly separate the moderate Muslims — in which their views are now being incorporated into many businesses — from the terrorists.

However, there is one woman who recognizes there are peaceful Muslims and they are the majority, but they are irrelevant when it comes to the war against Islamic terror. This woman is Brigitte Gabriel, and she had a very detailed explanation to an American Muslim student who said the peaceful Muslim majority are not represented.

According to CNS News, Brigitte Gabriel was part of a four-person panel at the Benghazi Accountability Coalition hosted by the Heritage Foundation on June 17, 2014. An American University law student, Saba Ahmed, introduced herself and asked the following question.

“I know that we portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there [are] 1.8 billion Muslims followers of Islam. We have 8 million plus Muslim Americans in this country, and I don’t see them represented here. But my question is how can we fight an ideological war with weapons? How can we ever end this war? The jihadist ideology that you talk about — it’s an ideology. How can we ever end this thing if we don’t address it ideologically?”

Brigitte Gabriel took the reins in which she responded with an answer that is surely not politically correct, and it received a standing ovation. I have attached a video of her answer, which does have a bit of length to it, from the YouTube channel Get Lawyers Out of Government.


Think Progress also reported on the video, in which nobody should be surprised at the reaction Brigitte Gabriel received for her answer since the Heritage Foundation is a Conservative think-tank. The article reads that Gabriel, along with Frank Gaffney and Claire Lopez, are leading lights of the Islamophobia network and main players who conjure up and spread misinformation about American Muslims and Islam in the United States.

Now that you’ve heard what Brigitte Gabriel said about the peaceful Muslim majority (which was admired by most conservatives) along with a rebuttal, what are your opinions? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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