ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The Threat To The Free World [Opinion]

Tuesday, September 2, the Islamist butchers of ISIS beheaded Steven Sotloff, a captured American journalist. Sotloff, who was kidnapped last year in Syria, was forced to read a statement condemning America, and then his throat was slowly cut with a hunting knife until his head was removed from his body. Of course, apologists for Islam will shout to the heavens that ISIS does not represent Islam, but it is becoming harder.

President Obama would have us believe Islam is truly the Religion of Peace. He condemned ISIS as completely un-Islamic when he spoke about their beheading of American journalist James Foley, before returning to the golf course to complete his round.

“So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, and for what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision, and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

Yet Obama, who openly declares his love for the Qur’an after studying Islam since his childhood, certainly should know Islam’s Holy Book actually encourages the behavior of ISIS.

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

steven sotloff execution
Steven Sotloff awaits his execution. He was beheaded with a hunting knife by an ISIS Islamist.

The viewpoint of ISIS echos throughout the Islamic world. Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi, founder of Pakistan’s Islamic Fundamentalist Movement, which boasts hundreds of thousands of members, spoke openly and honestly about the religion of Islam.

“Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in better condition than another nation. Islam doesn’t care about the land or who own the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power in this world that tries to get in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy.”

While we can always agree to disagree on religious interpretation, Obama has a history of deliberately distorting or misrepresenting the Qur’an, and he lied to the world with his ‘Islam Is The Religion Of Peace” comments after the Boston Marathon bombings. David Wood produced an absolutely outstanding video on Obama’s post-bombing comments and made of a mockery of the President’s dishonest speech about “Peaceful Islam.” Every single American needs to watch this video and find out for themselves about the never ending program of Islamic deception that goes all the way to the Oval Office of Barack Hussein Obama.

To further illuminate the difficult subjects we are discussing, we asked Israeli journalist Adina Kutnicki and American investigator and security specialist David Gaubatz to weigh in on the threat from ISIS and the expanding Islamist army.

Adina is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and her previous interview about the expansionist ideology of the organization sent shockwaves across the internet. Adina is an editor of several websites that examine the growing violence in the name of Islam, and she is the creator of a popular Israeli blog. Her insights into the conflict between Israel and the Islamic terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority will give our readers an opportunity to find out the truth about the Middle East without the Israel bashing propaganda of the mainstream media.

Hamas executes a man they claim was an Israeli collaborator. He received no trial and his body was dragged through the streets of Gaza after he was shot several times.

David Gaubatz is the author of a book about the Council on American–Islamic Relations and the Islamic infiltration of America, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. Gaubatz is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and a retired Federal Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). With over three decades of combined experience, his career has led him on missions spanning the Middle East — from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait to Iraq. As a Special Federal Agent, he has received the highest forms of U.S. security clearances for top-secret intelligence information — including for weapons of mass destruction and espionage — and has been briefed into many black projects.

Since leaving the government, Mr.Gaubatz has dedicated himself to exposing the Islamists who are infiltrating our nation at the highest levels. He is the Director of the Mapping Shariah Project, one of the few organizations willing to speak openly about Islam’s subversive activities in America. The project was funded by the Center for Security Policy to investigate what was being taught at Mosques across the United States. The information uncovered by Mr. Gaubatz and his investigators will frighten and outrage most freedom loving Americans, while the apologists for Islam will ignore every fact and scream Islamophobe until our ears bleed.

We can no longer afford to disregard the Islamic aspect of the violence we are witnessing in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Nor can we ignore the constant agitation in the name of Allah we are witnessing from Muslim immigrants across the continent of Europe, complete with a 350 percent increase in attacks on Jews in 2014 and the growth of major Muslim no-go zones in many of Europe’s major cities.

Perhaps some of us prefer to ignore the chaos we are witnessing in our world today or write it off as an insignificant threat. If that is your opinion, consider the following facts. While it would still be a serious problem for the world at large, even if Islamists were just terrorists and numbered only in the thousands, most reports indicate that about 15 percent or about 200 million Muslims are radicalized and support organizations like ISIS, Hamas, al Qaeda, and Hezbollah. Even among so-called Moderate Muslims, support for Sharia Law, along with all of its draconian punishments that include stoning, amputation of limbs and the death penalty for leaving Islam, is alarmingly high, surpassing 80 percent in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan.

Pew Research Poll on support for Sharia Law in Muslim majority nations.

Now, after six years of President Obama doing everything in his power to promote a positive image of Islam, while absolutely refusing to acknowledge the violent expansionist ideology and the obscene hostility to so-called Infidels openly voiced by many Muslims in the 57 Islamic nations, we are faced with an Islamic army of 20,000 well trained fighters armed with modern heavy weapons and assets of over one billion dollars. They control large portions of Iraq and have made considerable advances into Libya and Syria.

While criticism of Islam may not be a popular subject among the political elite, we can no longer afford to pretend Islamists are not a threat to the entire human race. How many more people must die at the hands of Jihadists, who read chapter and verse from the Qur’an as they behead and crucify, before our leaders stop lying to us and speak the truth about the expansionist goals of Islam? How many more Christians will join the millions already living in fear wherever Muslims are in the majority? How many more nations will be consumed by chaos by people waving a Qur’an before our duplicitous leaders finally acknowledge the elephant in the room?

While the outlook may be glum and uncertain, I have invited two acknowledged experts on Political Islam, Sharia Law and Jihad to join the discussion and provide information and answers. We will begin with David Gaubatz, followed by our friend from the Holy Land, Adina Kutnicki.

Interview With David Gaubatz:

american james foley 7

Wolff Bachner: Before we begin, I would like to thank you for your service to our country, your unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and your courageous work to bring the truth about Islam and Jihad to the public. While the elitists and apologists do their damnedest to hide and suppress any criticism of Islam, you refuse to be silenced and continue to expose the authentic Qur’anic roots of the modern Islamists with their many millions of supporters throughout the Muslim world and their endless religious violence.

Sadly, the shedding of innocent blood has increased to frightening levels recently, and we must begin our discussion by telling our readers about the terrible fate of James Foley and the inexcusable, pathetic response of President Obama.

As soon as the news broke that James Foley had been beheaded by ISIS, Obama interrupted his golf game to go on TV and claim that he ordered a secret special-ops rescue mission that failed several weeks before the murder of Foley.

Why would any Commander-in-Chief reveal a failed rescue mission at any time, no less when there are still live American hostages in the hands of ISIS?

Do you believe there actually was a rescue mission or is Obama trying to cover his butt for his abject failure to recognize and deal with the threat of ISIS?

As former military man and security expert with years of experience in Iraq and impeccable connections, do you have any concrete evidence that Obama is lying about the rescue mission?

David Gaubatz: If this question were posed to me when any other President was in charge I would take the word of the President. Obama is different. It has been shown over and over that Obama is a pathological liar. Obama is narcissistic. I have thought about this issue for a while and have went back and forth analyzing the pros and cons of releasing information about a failed rescue mission.

Based on my prior years working in the Department of Defense, a mission of this category would have been classified ‘Top Secret’. The utmost care is used by U.S. Security professionals (and I believe even more so by Israeli Counter-terrorism professionals) to safeguard the intelligence pertaining to rescue missions. I can’t imagine any reason to broadcast a failed rescue mission. Even more so that the hostage takers are Islamic based terrorists.

I am positive that based on my own experience in hostage rescue missions in the Middle East there were CIA and DOD counter-terrorism professionals who developed excellent rescue plans to secure the release of James Foley. They would have made very specific plans and would have put a timeline on each action that needed to be carried out. With most U.S. National Security matters Obama is slow in reviewing the plans, made significant changes to the original plan presented to him, and failed to carry out the mission by the timeframe the counter-terrorism planners had advised. Obama has routinely been behind the curve on reacting to security issues.

It is likely he did approve a rescue plan for Foley, but per the norm he second guessed the intelligence officials and had someone like Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General) adjust the plan to make it more pleasing to liberals. Obama would have also wanted to inflict the least amount of damage to the Islamic captors and thus would have scaled down the amount of force, firepower, and personnel. After Obama and Holder changed the original plan, it would be stretching it to say Obama authorized any kind of true rescue mission. It was likely a failed mission from the start and few counter-terrorism professionals would have endorsed it, but Obama has put fear into the U.S. military’s top leaders and they would not openly voice their concerns because it would end their careers.

al-Qaradawi, one of the leading religious authorities in Sunni Islam, explains that Sharia Law requires the execution of those who leave Islam and refuse to return.

Wolff Bachner: You are the inspiration and brains behind a rather important program called The Mapping Shariah Project.

What exactly is The Mapping Shariah Project?

What have you uncovered about Islamic extremism being promoted in American Mosques, and what materials have you collected to document this unlawful, dangerous activity?

David Gaubatz: In 2007 – 2008, I was hired to be the Director of the Mapping Shariah Project (MSP). The project was funded by the Center for Security Policy and David Yerushalmi (attorney) handled the legal issues. We had PHD level professionals in Israel (Professor Mordechai Kedar) to analyze the data.

The essence of the research was for me to send teams to a couple hundred mosques throughout America and observe the Shariah adherence by the Islamic leaders and the Muslim worshippers. The theory was the more adherences to all aspects of Shariah law, the more likelihood the danger of violence (Physical Jihad). This was proved in the research.

We discovered over 75% of the 2300 mosques in America had violent Islamic material within the mosque. Most of the material was from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

For more detailed information on the MSP you can review the complete analysis at:

what difference does it makes
Hillary Clinton utters her infamous words about the death of four American Diplomats at the hands of Islamists in Benghazi, Libya.

Wolff Bachner: Since Obama took office in 2009, U.S. law enforcement has been under constant pressure from the White House to restrict their efforts to examine Islam as a source of terrorism.

How has Obama changed law enforcement’s ability to detect and control Islamic terrorism and why on earth would our President try to restrict law enforcement’s ability to get to the root of terrorist activity?

Are the American people properly protected from a potential terrorist attack under Obama’s new rules and regulations?

Why are Obama and his administration so unwilling and / or unable to acknowledge the absolutely unavoidable connection between Islam and the vast majority of the violence in the world today?

David Gaubatz: U.S. law enforcement are not properly trained to conduct adequate Islamic based counter-terrorism operations. Obama and his staff have restricted the training our law enforcement receives. The training can never discuss the Islamic ideology itself. The trainers can only discuss individual terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas. Their training does not focus on Islamic groups only; they must equally discuss U.S. militia (non Muslim) groups.

I think most Americans believe Obama although maybe not a full-fledged Muslim, but a man who puts Islam and Shariah law ahead of the U.S. Constitution. Our national security is more vulnerable in 2014 than it has ever been in history. Obama and his senior Muslim leaders whom he has appointed to important government positions are destroying America from within.

Our first line defenders (U.S. law enforcement) are not protecting our country. They are great at reacting to terrorists attacks, but fail at conducting proactive terrorist investigations before an attack. Our liberal media will hype an FBI investigation involving a couple of very low level Muslims threatening America, but they can never stop major attacks like 9-11. Americans are becoming tiresome when it comes to our law enforcement responding to terrorist attacks, they demand protection that prevents attacks. If our law enforcement and military had the same rigorous and valuable training the Israeli police and military receive we would be able to protect our country.

In order to understand Islamic terrorist groups one has to study the mindset of the Muslim people. Many are indoctrinated from birth to serve Allah best is to fight in Jihad operations around the world. When I conduct research in mosques and Islamic centers I review the materials in the mosque. Often it is easier for me to find violent material more frequently than to find a Quran.

I have studied Islam and Muslims for over three decades. I have studied thousands of their books and other educational material. I have lived and worked in the Middle East since 1979. My training has consisted of studying the Arabic language at the U.S. State Department. I only mention the above because our law enforcement is authorized to have organizations like CAIR (Council of American Islamic relations/Muslim Brotherhood) to provide their training before they can have people with backgrounds such as I conduct counter-terrorism training. Obama and his staff have made it almost impossible for me and other counter-terrorism professionals to provide our wealth of information to law enforcement.

Threats to destroy America and replace Democracy with Islamic Law proliferate on the Internet and Social Media.

Wolff Bachner: Many of the Muslims who have been granted visas under Obama have refused to assimilate to Western society. We have Sharia compliant enclaves springing up in such places as Dearborn, Michigan, Islamberg in the Catskills, large sections of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, and even in the deep south in Atlanta, Georgia.

We are also witnessing Muslim led Anti-Israel hate groups being formed on American college campuses from coast to coast, and armed jihadi training camps have been documented in over 20 states.

What in God’s name is going on in America? Why are armed Jihadi training camps allowed to exist in the United States and why is the Obama Administration unwilling to investigate and rehabilitate Islamic no-go zones in the United States?

Why does Holder and his Justice Department refuse to do anything about the open racism, bigotry and threats of violence against Jewish students and their supporters at American universities and other public institutions?

David Gaubatz: There are approximately six million people in America who identify with Islam. Of these six million approximately 25% (1.5 million) practice ‘Pure Islam’. Many of these Muslims are engaged in Jihad training right in the heart of America. One such group is Jamaat ul-Fuqra. They have setup training camps all across America. Red House Virginia is one of the largest and well trained Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds in America. I have put undercover counter-terrorism researchers inside this compound. It is only 25 miles from my house. Our law enforcement has been informed by federal officials to leave them alone.

These terror groups are using the U.S. Constitution as a tool and protector to conduct their Jihad training. They can legally buy weapons and own thousands of acres around America. U.S. law enforcement have been trained to believe these groups can do whatever they desire on their own property.

The growth of hate groups against Israel and Jews on campuses is being advanced by groups like CAIR. They are giving MSA (Muslim Student Association) funds and support. The money and marching orders is coming from Saudi Arabia. This is a part of the indoctrinating of our children. The Muslim Brotherhood presence is growing in America

An 11-year-old Iraqi boy wants to join ISIS and kill infidels.

Wolff Bachner: We have seen children used as human shields in Gaza and training in the use of weapons and explosives at Hamas summer camps. We have watched videos of 11-year-old boys declaring they want to join ISIS and kill for Islam, and we have even seen images of a Muslim child of seven joyously displaying the head of a decapitated human being while his terrorist father applauds his enthusiasm for Jihad and killing infidels.

Why are Islamists willing to use children as human shields and as active participants in terror attacks and warfare?

Is there any justification for this truly inhumane behavior in the Qur’ an and / or the Hadiths or is this just, as so many apologists for Islam claim, another example of sick minds who are misrepresenting peaceful Islam?

With so many young children being exposed to such extreme hatred and encouraged to participate in Jihad, is there any hope for peace in the world without another devastating World War or a major religious war?

David Gaubatz: As we all know children are the future of the world. Sadly most Muslim children are being taught hate and violence from an early age. Most people think Muslim children are only being taught this ideology in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. The vast majority of mosques in America teach hate and violence. There are several references in the Quran that inform Muslims to never take Christians and Jews as protectors and friends. The Sunni manual Tafsir Ibn Kathir is an excellent reference to what children are being taught in Islamic schools.

When I was in Iraq I had the opportunity to interview several captured Al Qaeda members. I asked them what type of future attacks America would endure. The answer over and over was that the hearts of Americans would be attacked. They explained that this meant the American children would be attacked because they are the hearts of the American people. These terrorists said the attacks would not necessarily be physical attacks, but rather a slow indoctrination in U.S. public schools and universities. The indoctrinating would include the Islamic ideology is peaceful and even as non-Muslims they support Islam and the Muslim people.

I have had several Islamic leaders tell me that Muslims who practice ‘Pure Islam’ have what is called ‘Black Hearts’. These Muslims had no conscience, feelings, emotions, love or caring about anything or anyone aside from Allah. Essentially they have no souls. They have an empty heart. These people have no feelings for even their own children; needless to say they have no feelings for children who are not theirs. It is just as easy for them to behead a neighbor child as it would be to behead even their own children. Children are simply a tool for them to use to achieve their ultimate goal of an Islamic Ummah (nation) under Shariah law.

Based on my experiences and studies, the Islamic ideology itself is a dangerous and violent weapon. The true enemies of the non-Muslim world are the ideology of Islam. We can fight and defeat Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the dozens of other Islamic acronyms, but we will lose in the end if at some point we do target the ideology they teach within most mosques. When someone discusses the Hitler ideology of hate and violence, almost automatically people get a sour feeling in their stomachs. Most people realize the ideology of Hitler was a danger to the whole world. Sadly in order to defeat Islamic based terrorists we must have the same sour feeling in our stomach when Islam itself is discussed. Islam is not loving and peaceful and Mohammed never intended for it to be.

anti israel bias
How the media manipulates the truth to demonize Israel and then refuses to retract when their errors are revealed.

Wolff Bachner: American mainstream media has a long, sordid history of slandering and attacking Israel and ridiculing Americans who support the Jewish state. Hardly a day goes by without Israel being vilified in newspapers, in magazines and on network news. Even Hollywood actors are defending Hamas and criticizing Israel.

The New York Times, for example, was virtually silent about the death of millions of Jews during World War Two, opposed the reestablishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 and has relentlessly accused Israel of crimes against humanity every time the Jewish state is forced to defend itself against Arab invasions and constant terrorist attacks.

Recently, it was revealed that the lead reporter for the Times in Gaza is an open supporter of Hamas who used a photograph of Yasser Arafat as his Facebook avatar and also writes articles for Al Jazeera that could pass for Hamas press releases they are so hostile to Israel. So much for fair and balanced coverage.

Why are so many American journalists, a good number of whom are Jewish, so willing to misrepresent the truth about the Jewish state and promote the propaganda of Islamist terror groups with the openly declared goal of wiping Israel and the Jewish people off the face of the earth?

Has our mainstream media become so dishonest in their coverage of the Middle East and Islam that they are a virtual fifth column, endangering the safety and survival of Israel and America?

What possible benefit does the media gain by defending terrorists and slandering America’s staunchest ally? Is this simply Jew hate or something much more sinister?

David Gaubatz: Islamic organizations and their sponsors such as Saudi Arabia have an almost endless supply of money and people willing to give their time and life to spread Islam across the world. The goal of Islam is to put fear in the hearts of their enemies so they will cower from Islam. It is easier for some people to go along with the teachings of Islam, than it is to stand up against this dangerous ideology. They feel safer being apologetic to Islamic terrorist groups and Islam. We can’t win a war on Islamic terrorism if we can’t even identify our enemies.

There is no excuse for journalists in America to sympathize with any terrorist group and their ideologies. My research has taught me that Islamic organizations such as CAIR have a more extensive confidential informant (CI) network than the FBI has. CAIR and others spend an enormous amount of money and time recruiting journalists, law enforcement, and non-Muslim religious leaders. They use these leaders as propaganda speakers and writers to attack anyone who says anything negative against Islam and Shariah law.

One Islamic leader in Dearborn, Michigan recently told me that they spend time and money convincing a priest or rabbi that Islam is peaceful and being hijacked by a few terrorists. The Islamic leader further informed me that once they have successfully recruited the non-Muslim religious leader, they then have the entire congregation of the worshippers on their side because the Christian or Jewish religious leader can usually control their worshippers and can quieten any negative activity toward Islam.

Some journalists have followers of thousands to millions of followers. The Islamic organizations such as CAIR know this. CAIR has recruited a major journalist and religious leader known as Al Sharpton. These recruiting tactics are carried out so the person being recruited does not even know they are being controlled by their Islamic masters. Behind Al Sharpton’s back the Islamic leaders mock him as the idiot and leader of the hundreds of thousand idiot worshippers/supporters of him. They have informed me during my undercover work that Sharpton appears to be an illiterate and ignorant fool, but they will use him as a tool for Islam because he has many followers.

Terrified Yazidi girls about to be sold in an ISIS slave auction.
Terrified Yazidi girls about to be sold in an ISIS slave auction.

Wolff Bachner: We have heard so much about ISIS over the last few months, but most Americans still have no real idea what they are facing.

Since you are an acknowledged expert on the Islamic world and have spent a good deal of time in Iraq, you are certainly in a position to give our readers an accurate picture of the vicious Islamist death cult called ISIS.

How great a threat is ISIS to America and the rest of the free world?

Finally, describe for our readers what life would be like for the average American if ISIS actually managed to takeover the United States and create a worldwide Caliphate?

David Gaubatz: ISIS, other Islamic based terrorist groups, and the Islamic ideology are the world’s most dangerous threat. ISIS has money, supporters, world leaders, a military, and a ‘Strategy’ to conquer the world. President Obama even admitted he does not have a strategy to defeat ISIS, so how can we even think about defeating them?

If people want to know what life would be like under an Islamic caliphate, they need only travel to Saudi Arabia, spend a few weeks under the Taliban, or spend some time with ISIS in Iraq. People (both Muslim and non-Muslim) have no rights under Shariah law. Even your life or the life of your children can be taken away with little or no proof you actually violated one of the many aspects of Sharia law.

Islamic based organizations, terrorist groups, and their supporters truly do hate the Jewish people and the American people. When they say they desire to wipe Israel and America off the face of the earth they are being serious. We must all begin to take them seriously. We must always support and align ourselves with Israel. If Israel ever falls, America will also. The people of Israel are our true friends and the American people must demand our politicians never forget this.

I will provide my final analysis on this subject: In a very short period of time America will be attacked by ISIS. The attacks will be simultaneously across America and the terrorists know we do not have the leadership in our government to survive such attacks occurring on a regular basis. We will implode. America has only one chance of surviving if these attacks happen. There are over 22 million American veterans living in America. There are several million non-military who will fight for our country and the U.S. Constitution. Americans will never release our right to own guns. 22 million plus veterans and the several millions of other American patriots will fight like no other people have ever fought. They will fight to the end against enemies both outside and from within who seek to destroy America.

I would like to end by saying to our Israeli brothers and sisters that liberal journalists, Hollywood personalities, and politicians who do not support Israel are not the ones who actually represent the thoughts of millions of Americans. We are being silenced by liberals, but in a time of war they will stand up and fight against all enemies and the millions of American patriots will also fight enemies of our friend, Israel.

Interview With Adina Kutnicki:

Burying another brave son of Israel who died to protect his people and his homeland.
Burying another brave son of Israel who died to protect his people and his homeland.

Wolff Bachner: Much to our sorrow, the world is in even worse shape than the last time we spoke. Since your previous visit, Hamas managed to provoke another war with Israel, which gave all the Israel bashing bigots of the European Union the excuse they needed to rampage and riot with a truly disgusting display of virulent Jew hate. Adding to the misery, ISIS commenced their campaign of butchering and bloodshed, beheading thousands of helpless human beings as they tore through the Levant in the name of the new Caliphate. Certainly, we are witnessing what may be the beginning of the next clash of civilizations, but let’s narrow our focus just a bit and start our discussion with Israel, Hamas, and much maligned Operation Protective Edge.

Once again, we see Israel’s so-called leaders caving in to pressure from foreign governments and ending the campaign to demilitarize Gaza and disarm Hamas before the job is done.

What effect will this have on the people of Israel, and what will this ill-advised strategy allow Hamas to do to Israel in the future?

Why would Netanyahu call off Operation Protective Edge while rockets are still raining down on Israel. Is this a sane military strategy?

More importantly, is this fair to the many thousands of Israelis who spend part of every day in bomb shelters?

Adina Kutnicki: Your terminology, Israel’s “so-called” leaders, is decidedly on target. Bull’s eye.

As a matter of record, my first interview with you touched upon the Post-Zionist movement, of which Israel’s current crop of misdirected leaders (at least since 1993, when the disastorous Oslo “Peace” Accords were signed) hail from. Basically, without understanding the Post-Zionist movement it is near impossible to internalize the many jarringly counter-intuitive decisions made by those who lead the nation, PM Netanyahu included. Notably, this ideological milieu is hardly a lone operating factor, as we shall soon see.

Briefly, as stated in my first interview in May 2013:

“The Post-Zionist movement in Israel is replete within every sector where civil society elitists permeate. They burrow deeply inside the political and military hierarchies and their tentacles reach within academia, media, legal, cultural and public diplomacy arenas. Many are leftist ideologues, but some are simply well paid whores, handsomely provided for by various foreign-funded NGO’s, all in order to ply their wares. The New Israel Fund (among others) is a major umbrella front for those who seek to delegitimize Israel as the Jewish national homeland. On the other hand, it is estimated that a very small fraction (approximately 3%) of the Jewish majority public veers to the left. Nevertheless, the majority’s wishes are continually marginalized, and herein lies much of the rancor and push back from nationalist Jews, of which I am immeasurably aligned with.

Adding to the morass, the fact that Israel has yet to adopt a Constitution (Professor Paul Eidelberg, a renowned American-Israeli political scientist cited above – a PhD from the University of Chicago – has drafted/shaped many of Israel’s future Constitutional components, and they are held within the Knesset as place markers) muddies the waters. In word and deed, this is a fatal flaw which allows many offenses – which would otherwise be deemed treasonous – to fly under the radar, despite Israel’s Basic Laws.”

Alas, with said backgrounder in mind, regarding the overall underpinnings of Israel’s leaders – both elected and non-elected – the prism of Israel’s latest “operation” comes into sharper relief. In fact, it was purposefully waged as a pinpointed “operation” and not as a war, and therein lies the end result. Indeed, PM Netanyahu’s personal (and national) onus.

In the main, wars are fought with victory in mind, at least that’s what citizens have a right to expect. On the other side of the spectrum, an “operation”, by definition, is limited in scope. For heavens sake, even the wimpy name “Operation Protective Edge” bespeaks of its narrow and tepid focus. Truth be told, I would have coined it ” Mission Pulverizer” or some such variant thereof. Pray tell, when a regional foe has been rocketing your citizens for years, wouldn’t a more robust name have been appropriate? Some might query: what’s in a name? However, those of us who understand the peculiar jungle-like language of the Middle East – “strong horses rule” – realized what the name was meant to convey, even though it seemed bizarre to signal such (losing) intent to ones enemies. But never mind, Israel’s leaders are not “strategizing” under rational parameters.

Moreover, as an investigative journalist and blogger, my pulse on the situation/mood (coined in Hebrew, the “matzav”) among the majority Zionist public is gleaned from much more than open-source material. Granted, one can also feel the boiling rage, merely by skimming many Israel-focused social media sites as well as Israeli news sources. Simply put, the natives (Zionists) are more than restless. In fact, some very patriotic citizens (and I am hardly just referring to the oft-maligned “right-wing settlers”) are talking about “open rebellion”, if elections are not forthcoming and a Commission of Inquiry is not set up to examine what went wrong and why. Who can blame them?

Significantly, I am able to access some professionals who are just a notch below the actual decision-making level and their rage is duly palpable. It is these intimate “off the record” conversations (through face-to-face meetings, among other avenues) which are particularly scary and worth noting. They are well aware of the acute dangers facing Israel, most of which became greatly exacerbated through too many smoke and mirrors shows (most recently, under PM Netanyahu’s two-term tenure), and “Operation Protective Edge” was more than emblematic of this unflattering descriptor. Besides, it is the most accurate and honest way to define the “operation.”

In other words, without naming names, the following points (via a multiplicity of meetings) became duly resonant:

As highly sought after experts operating mainly (but not exclusively) in areas of strategic affairs and counter-terror, they understand (from grounded experience) what it means for Israel not to win a decisive victory over Hamas, or for that matter over any regional foe. Inherently, we discussed both the strategic knock-on effects (to be explored below), as well as the psychological components of PM Netanyahu’s decision not to bring Hamas to its knees, effectively making them wave the white flag of surrender.

Not inconsequentially, they pointed to a particular internal danger which has been (purposefully) overlooked, but given a tail-wind due to PM Netanyahu’s failure to deliver a full-on, top-down, knockout blow to Hamas. Intrinsically, a growing segment of the Arab minority population has already chosen sides; they are rooting for Hamas’s victory over Israel. Without guile, they identify themselves as “Palestinians” and not as Israelis, even though they completely benefit from all of Israel’s largess. Ingrates. Traitors.

Be that as it may, in tandem, some are actual collaborators, including several Arab MK’s. Most infamously, Haneen Zoabi from the Balad Party (staunchly pro-Hamas/PA/Hezbollah) is at the epicenter of this internal treachery, with other Arab party members in tow. Therefore, our strategic conversations also revolved around the subliminal messages sent (via caving into Hamas and others…this is what “cease-fires” effectively amount to, despite placing any lipstick on this duplicitous pig) to an increasingly hostile Arab population, one which is always primed for an internal intifada. Ready to pounce.

Consequentially, every triumphalist exhortation by Hamas’s leaders (even though a good portion of the Strip has been reduced to rubble…like water off a duck’s back) further sears into the Zionist public’s consciousness certain truths: that their mighty IDF – inarguably the strongest army in the Middle East – were never given orders to liquidiate Hamas’s top leadership and their attendant underground command and control centers, a pre-requisite to victory. This is the case even though they had to endure missile blitzes, for weeks on end, blanketing the entire country!

In essence, they belatedly realized (even many who veer to the left, albeit latecomers to the party, having arrived at this terrifying conclusion only because the center of the country, their playgrounds, were in the crosshairs…yes, they too became “southerners”, just like their forgotten brothers and sisters who endured missile barrages for over a decade) that nothing will move the political leaders to tender nation-saving marching orders to the IDF: finish Hamas off!

In this regard, an underlying depression – with subsequent spurts of rage – is seeping to the fore. Not only that, but Israeli Zionists are mostly a very proud and somewhat aggressive group, myself included. Therefore, one dare not underestimate the gnawing factor of humiliation, directly attributed to PM Netanyahu’s constant “cease-firing” ( ), coupled with subsequent gifts that Hamas is demanding (and receiving) as “quid pro quos” from our gaggle of “so-called” leaders.

As to the strategic repercussions from not toppling Hamas in toto, well, they are manifest and very grave. First and foremost (even leaving aside the aforementioned deleterious psychological damage – many with attendant PTSD trauma symptoms – heaped upon the majority public, as well as the economic wreckage already accrued, plus future downturns investment-wise), regardless of any crowing from Israel’s top leaders, Hamas, by the very fact that they are in a position to dictate when missiles will fly, when they will stop and when a “cease-fire” will both commence and cease, that should tell most rational players who came out on top. Hint: not Israel’s blowhards, that’s for certain. Rest assured, this assessment is not meant to be flippant nor unduly harsh. It is just the way it is, irrespective of anything else. PC nonsense has no place in assessing life and death issues related to my Jewish homeland.

Atop the above outrages, PM Netanyahu has reportedly agreed to revert back to the parameters of the last “cease-fire”. Said “negotiations” were executed after hard fought gains during “Operation Pillar of Cloud” in October 2012, but before the IDF could finish Hamas off! Déjà vu. Is this not a pattern of malfeasance? You decide.

For good measure, this go-around, PM Netanyahu even added in some additional goodies, just as long as they “cease” their “fire”. Now, you tell me, what was the strategic calculus, the benefit, to this latest “operation”, if only to land up at the same “understandings” (and worse off) from 2012? In fact, several Likud Ministers have publicly expressed outrage at PM Netanyahu’s irrational decisions. As a matter of record, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz put it bluntly, when speaking with BBC’s Hardtalk ( ), but he stopped short of the full truth. No matter.

“”We paid a very expensive price with 70 casualties on our side, with people that have to flee their homes in the south of Israel because of the daily barrages of rockets and mortars. This is a heavy price for a democratic state to pay,” concluded Steinitz.

While Netanyahu’s office has declared the operation a victory, noting that Hamas was seriously damaged in the clash and didn’t receive it’s extravagant demands, the details of the ceasefire agreement have raised serious criticism in Israel.

Palestinian Authority (PA) delegation head Azzam al-Ahmed revealed Tuesday night that Israel agreed to ease the borders on Gaza and allow humanitarian and even some construction goods in immediately, as well as lifting restrictions on the fishing zone.

The deal also paves the way for talks in a month in which Hamas will demand a sea and airport in Gaza, and will negotiate a swap of hundreds of terrorists for the bodies of IDF soldiers Second Lt. Hadar Goldin and First Sgt. Oron Shaul hy”d, who were killed in the operation.

Israel’s lone demand of disarming Gaza was flatly rejected in the deal, putting discussions on the request off until later discussions in a month’s time.”

You got that?

Now, there are many reasons (some are detailed at this interview, others are not) why PM Netanyahu continually caves and fails to execute his sworn obligation to vanquish declared genocidal foes. Unfathomably, he opines the same balderdash mantra, over and over again, “quiet will be met with quiet”, as if that means anything but hot air. Thankfully, there are some rational Israelis who understand when smoke is being blown, as former MK Dr. Ben-Ari intoned:

“Ben-Ari also criticized Netanyahu for stating at the beginning of the operation that “quiet will be met with quiet”, saying that “quiet is not a working plan, it is not an ideology. We have to say that this is our country and anyone who threatens that will not be here.”

Nevertheless, in a nutshell, the following topic must be explored, particularly to shed light on what continually appears to be irrational decision-making coming out of PM Netanyahu’s administration. Admittedly, the following is mostly verboten in “polite” society, but that doesn’t mean squat at this end.

So in furtherance of some much needed disinfectant, we cannot veer away from a pressing question, the elephant in the (Israeli) room: how did a 27 year old, even though an MIT grad (as an aside, a school which I feel great kinship towards), attract top flight American movers and shakers to an anti-terrorism conference in 1979, which he hosted in memory of his fallen brother Yoni? Get this: in attendance were CIA Director George Bush, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) executive George Shultz, and Richard Perle, President’s Reagan’s chief arms negotiator. Hmm.

Now, no one has to tell me the ins and outs of counter-terror conferences, and the basic type of invited guests. Generally, such a gathering would attract qualified law enforcement personnel, perhaps even a Police Chief or two. Otherwise, it would involve counter-terror professionals, noted academics in security and related arenas, maybe some lower level government officials and a smattering of technical experts, be they bomb-techs or the like. True, if he was in the throes of his career as head of a counter-terror institute (like Director of Israel’s “ICT” International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – ), instead of some 27 year old pisher, well, that’s another scenario. The sky could be the limit.

Moving right along…only three years later, in 1982, Israel’s Washington ambassador, Moshe Arens, plucked Netanyahu to be his deputy. Credo que absurdum, how did such a fortuitous posting occur? Manna from heaven? Accordingly, even the not so doubting Thomases understood that something was amiss and pressed Arens for an explanation. And explain he did:

“People got a good laugh when they heard I phoned a furniture factory (where Netanyahu was then employed) to find a deputy. What sold me on Bibi was his organization of the anti-terror conference, and the strong impression he made on the American leaders who participated.”

Do pigs fly? Do ambassadors become easily impressed by someone’s organizational skills, however adept? Heck, if this was remotely true, I would be running Israel! I am a master at said domain and have many heavy-weight contacts who would attest to said organizational creds, never mind my other fortes.

Lo and behold, the 2001 CFR annual report, listed Moshe Arens as a member of the CFR’s Foreign Advisory Committee. Incidentally, the PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi was next in alphabetical order. Oh joy. Interesting too. Furthermore, Arens admitted that Bush, Shultz, and Perle “advised” him to advance Netanyahu’s career. Naturally, he did.

Yet, the real elephants remain: why did they groom him? and to what end?

Concomitantly, one has to understand what the CFR represents in world politics, let alone among American (and Israeli) power brokers –

“The Council of Foreign Relations was founded in New York on July 29,1921. It was based on a similar British Council which called itself The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). Both of these organizations was meant to work as affiliates, instead they became separate and independent of each other, they do however maintain a casual acquaintance.

The meetings of the Council of Foreign Relations are held in secret outside the scrutiny of the public. The only way that a person can become a member is by invitation only. Similar to the Trilateral Commission the list of members is available to the public. The CFR publishes a periodical called “Foreign Affairs” which is perhaps the most influential publication to be printed. The Council of Foreign Relations are located at the Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street in New York City, New York 10021.

The Council of Foreign Relations was almost entirely composed of people from J.P. Morgan interests. In 1927 the Council gained impetus with funding coming from both the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. John W. Davis was the founding president of the CFR, not only was he a millionaire but he was also the personal attorney for J.P. Morgan. other members of the CFR included names like Henry Davison, Thomas Thacher, Harold Swift, W. Averill Harriman, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, Thomas Lamont, and Paul Cravath. Paul Warburg the creator of the Federal Reserve as well as Mortimer Schiff were also members as well as J.P. Morgans partner Russell Leffingwell, and various other partners of the Morgan Dynasty.

Although mostly secretive it is believed that funding for the CFR came from large banking interests and financial interests like Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn, and Paul Warburg. Today the funds to continue the Council of Foreign Relations is received by large Corporations like Xerox, General Motors, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Texaco.

Just like the Trilateral Commission the CFR tries to appear to be a humanitarian committee to the public. The Annual Reports issued by the CFR actually just consists of a smoke and mirror public image.”

Due to the above information – and much more – is it any wonder that PM Netanyahu is unable to bring Hamas to its knees, thus operating solely in Israel’s interests, as opposed to following orders from Washington in general, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama in particular? Into this fiery mix, the Obama administration is in lock-step with the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is its Egyptian progeny -. A + B….Hamas will not be eliminated. Period.

Indeed, it is hardly news that many politicians (in Israel, America and elsewhere) get where they are through connections. Within Israel it is termed “protectzia”. In fact, Yair Lapid, Israel’s Financial Minister, is one of its best poster boys and this is not due to his matinee idol good looks. Assuredly, he climbed atop his father’s coattails, former MK “Tommy” Lapid, to rise to the top echelons of Israel’s decision-makers. Mind you, this is a man who dropped out of high school and never even earned his “bagrut”, Israel’s high school matriculation qualifier. Not one to mince words, the question becomes: what qualifies him to be Finance Minister, or Minister of anything, if I may be so blunt? Frankly, it is akin to appointing a blind man to an air traffic controller position, and as a Director over all flight controllers no less. Sheesh.

Such is the tragic state of Israel’s “strategic” affairs, always leading its majority Zionist public, year after year, into an increasingly worsening “matzav”.

Wolff Bachner: What, if any, is the connection between Hamas and ISIS?

Are the two terror groups allies, and do they have any shared goals, especially concerning Israel and the Jewish people?

Just like Hitler, ISIS executes 100's of Iraqi POW's and dumps their bodies in a ditch. It is no coincidence that Mein Kamph is the second most popular book after the Qur'an in the Islamic world.
Just like Hitler, ISIS executes 100’s of Iraqi POW’s and dumps their bodies in a ditch. It is no coincidence that Mein Kamph is the second most popular book after the Qur’an in the Islamic world.

Adina Kutnicki: Wow, as if delineating PM Netanyahu’s dereliction of duty isn’t hot enough…we now turn our attention to ISIS, the most talked about barbaric crew, at least since Al Qaeda, out of scores of Islamic jihadi terror hydras – Sunni and Shia alike.

Off the bat, let’s be clear: ISIS didn’t “invent” beheading, even though it is the main reason why they are front and center throughout the world. Yes, it became their calling card and it was planned as such. Regardless, as a matter of Islamic record, beheadings are par for their Allah-mandated course. More pointedly, not only does Hamas partake but so does Saudi Arabia, and up and down the Sunni and Shia line. It’s a tradition thing.

And if written proofs are necessary – to segue from there to here – so be it:

As always, one only has to understand the blood-soaked Koran – – to see why Islamic-driven monsters can “justify” their horrifying practices.

“When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks,” says an ayah, or verse in Sura (chapter) 47.

Sura 8:12 reads: “I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips.”

Moreover, decapitations aka beheadings are also described in some of the earliest histories of Islam.

For the historical record, Muhammad’s earliest biographer, Ibn-Ishaq, describes how the prophet approved the beheadings of between 600 and 900 men from the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe following the Battle of the Trench. History not only repeats, but followers of Islam are still implementing centuries-old “practices”, as if civilized society passed them by. It has.

Not only that, but it was a common form of execution under the Ottoman Empire, where it was the “primary form of symbolic aggression among Ottoman soldiers”, according to historian James J Reid. Graphically-speaking, let this tidbit sink in, in so far as Turkey’s President Erdogan (ex PM) is actively planning to resurrent the (reportedly benign…as if) Ottoman Empire. His main helpmates are the Muslim Brotherhood – with Hamas as its front-arm – and Barack HUSSEIN Obama. You read this “news” right here.

As mentioned, Saudi Arabia is neck-deep into the “art form” where a strict interpretation of Sharia law is enforced. Beheading is the form of punishment for a range of crimes, including drug running and apostasy, with approximately 80 people believed to have been beheaded by the kingdom last year. Oh boy, the bitter fruits of Wahhabism.


Back to Hamas and their nexus to ISIS. Vice versa.

It bears repeating ad infinitum: the Muslim Brotherhood IS the progenitor of all Sunni terror groups, even though many act independently of one another – Resultant, ISIS and Hamas are in league, even though Hamas is rooting for Erdogan as the resurrected Caliph, whereas Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has declared himself Caliph of the Islamic State, ISIS –

The twists and turns of Islamic “squabblings.”

Irrespective (and akin to all their inter-Islamic cockfights for hegemony) it boils down to sorting things out, even after they savagely spill one another’s blood. Never forget: the enemy of their enemy is their friend to the nth degree. Jews (Israel) head their bloody alliance and allegiance, as does America. Top trophies.

Still, if your (western) mind can’t wrap around seventh century beliefs, think what occurs when hard-core sports fanatics (oftentimes out of their minds due to high dosage steroid use, other drugs or fueled on too much booze) rampage and cause enormous chaos throughout a host city. Then, do a (mental) volte face. Imagine, in your mind’s eye, when these same hooligans are otherwise in sync with their atta boy buddies. Nevertheless, when in conflict over team allegiances, well, all hell has been known to break loose. Said outbursts can end as quickly as they start, especially when the offenders come down from whatever highs they are on and their testosterone levels are duly spent.

Such is the hyper-induced case with Hamas and ISIS, as ISIS is planning a key role ( ‘s), on the Brotherhood’s behalf, in Hamas’s war against Israel. In fact, they are already doing so, but more on the “down-low.”

Trenchantly, the facts on the ground are visible for all who wish to live in reality, juxtaposed against believing lullabies recited by deceitful leaders. Pay heed:

“The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has asked the Palestinians to be patient and stressed that the group will come to fight the “barbaric Jews”.

In a statement released on Twitter, through an account affiliated to the ISIS, it stated that it was aware of the “massacre” of Muslims in Gaza.

“As for the massacres taking place in Gaza against the Muslim men, women and children, then the Islamic State will do everything within its means to continue striking down every apostate who stands as an obstacle on its paths towards Palestine,” the group said.

The statement from ISIS seems to be a response to critics who have questioned why the group and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aren’t coming in support of the Palestinians.

Replying to that, the statement said: “It is not the manner of the Islamic State to throw empty, dry and hypocritical words of condemnation and condolences like the Arab tawaghit do in the UN and Arab League.” The ISIS militants instead promised that actions speak louder than words…..

“It is only matter of time and patience before it (Islamic State) reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric Jews and kill those of them hiding behind the gharqad trees – the trees of the Jews,” the statement concluded.

Earlier this month, the ISIS spokesperson had stated that while Palestine was an important agenda, but before taking on Israel it wants to consolidate its position in north.

According to Israel National news, ISIS spokesperson Nidal Nuseiri reaffirmed that group’s priority was conquering “Bayt el-Maqdis” [Jerusalem] and destroying the State of Israel. He noted that it was the central agenda of their “jihad”.

#IS #ISIS The Islamic State’s comment on Gaza in Dabiq Issue #2:

— أبو مصطفى الأنباري(@amustafaanbari1) July 29, 2014

While ISIS has claimed that it has no plans as of now for Israel, a recent video released on YouTube claimed an Islamic State fighter group has been formed in Palestine.

In the video, the supposed-to-be Islamic State fighters can be seen firing rockets towards Israel, before they are spotted by an Israeli fighter jet, which then starts a counter attack.”

In respect to the strategic implications for Israel – as a result of PM Netanyahu’s utter refusal to bury Hamas – he opened the door for ISIS and in more ways than one. Few are aware that the lengthy battle between Israel and Hamas (with Hamas’s stature growing, commensurate with the amount of time that they were able to hold out against the vaunted IDF) allowed ISIS to slip right into Israel proper! Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy arm, is more than taking note. Other jihadi terror outfits too.

“As the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) continues its bloody conquest of Iraq and Syria and begins invading Lebanon, all in the name of establishing a global Sunni Muslim caliphate system, signs of support for the extremist are being seen among Israel’s Arab citizens.

Channel 10 exposed on Sunday that in recent months black ISIS flags have been commonly seen in Arab-Israeli towns in northern and coastal Israel, notably in the cities of Nazareth and Akko.

The flags have been seen flying among both Muslim and Christian Arab citizens of Israel, an ironic move given that ISIS in Iraq has emptied cities of their Christian populations by issuing them an ultimatum either to convert to Islam, pay non-Muslim jhizya taxes – or die.” –


Turkish President Erdogan calls Israelis Nazis while protesters burn a Jewish star in Ankara, Turkey's capital city..
As protests against Israel erupt in Ankara, Turkish President Erdogan slanders the Jewish state: “Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism…Terrorist state Israel has attacked Gaza once again, hitting innocent children who were playing on a beach.”

Wolff Bachner: Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan was recently also elected President of his country. Now that this rather vile Jew hater is both Prime Minster and President of an increasingly Islamist nation, what does this mean for Turkey, and what will it mean for Israel in the future?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, as this interview progresses we veer from one hot potato to another; to my PM’s (“Bibi” Netanyahu) unwillingness to lead Israel to victory; to the symbiotic (blood-soaked) relationship between Hamas and ISIS, and onto the all important question of Turkey. If I had to issue a scorecard – re interview questions – I would assign it a trifecta value.

Assuredly, Turkey is very much an enigma to most westerners, oft-coined as an exemplar of a “moderate” Muslim nation. In a pig’s eye. But this haze-like status suits President Erdogan’s Islamist thrust immeasureably. It serves his Taqqiya interests to straddle both worlds, thus, lulling the west to sleep. It’s working.

Turkey’s relevance is so intrinsic to regional stability, as well as to western concerns, that it was a focal point at our last interview, The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance.. Resolutely, sans any quibbling, its essence was substantially noted:

“In answer to the all important question of Turkey, its position as a so called “moderate” Muslim nation and its relationship to Israel, a brief backgrounder is in order. Turkey has enjoyed a “pet” relationship within the west, ever since its membership in NATO began in 1952. And, while the honeymoon lasted a little over 50 years, not too long after Prime Minister Recep Erdogan took over the helm, in March 2003, as Turkey’s 25th PM, the government’s Islamist agenda (from a secular leaning/tolerant nation) reared its head. Their volte face was not done in rapid moves, but akin to the precepts of Stealth Jihad – incrementally, phase by phase.

It is imperative to acknowledge that PM Erdogan is a devoted and dedicated leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, as elucidated at He is also President Obama’s BFF, and this is no secret. Indeed, it is more than instructive to view their relationship in global terms, particularly since the rise of Islamism throughout Turkey merges with its entrenchment within Washington’s corridors…..”

Wolff, agreed, Turkey once was secular-leaning and imbuded with a quasi-western outlook. However, that was then and this is now. Essentially, a not too insignificant segment of the Turkish population is desperate to keep the religious authorities (empowered and emboldened by Erdogan’s Islamist regime) out of their personal and professional business. In this regard, they are the immediate victims of PM Erdogan’s Islamist putsch. However, they are hardly lone casualties.

Most ominously, ground zero for President Erdogan is the Muslim Brotherhood via all their worldwide tentacled power bases, including U.S. ones. They are firmly in his corner, to the point in which they are consolidating force multipliers to anoint him the next Caliph, as briefly discussed within question two. This is not pie in the sky meandering.

Absolutely, Turkey has evolved into a burgeoning threat to the entire west. This is overwhelmingly due to their Brotherhood relationships and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s committed backing thereof. Ipso facto, they are a clear and present danger to Israel, despite any babblings from Israel’s leaders about reinstating the “all important” relationship with Turkey. Whom are they kidding?

Demonstrably, the third week in August 2014 placed President Erdogan’s Otttoman Empire Caliphate aspirations on the front burner, by the most important Muslim Brotherhood scholar, bar none, Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Arabic: يوسف القرضاويYūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī) –

Unholy jihad…

“In an amazing coverage that just came out today that was published throughout the Muslim world, including even CNN Arabic Version, The Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi which his union represents the largest body of Muslim scholars worldwide and on their behalf just announced in Turkey that:

“The Caliphate in today’s age must be established through a number of several states that are governed by Shariah and supported by both, the rulers and the people in the form of a federation or confederation and not as it was in the past.”

By this, the Muslim union of scholars lead by Qaradawi is setting up the theological precedence by announcing that a future confederacy of Muslim nations must and will be established and centered in the land of the Muslim Caliphate in Turkey.

What we see here is the beginning embryo and birth of a grand idea set by between Erdogan and the spiritual head of the Sunni Muslim world in which its declared that such confederacy for the Caliphate will be established in Istanbul, Turkey as the center for all these different states…” –

To wit, a green-light (Islamist) warning is issued from me to the readers: Turkey bears SPECIAL watching. But no one should be foolish enough to believe that Washington (Obama and gang) will stop them in their tracks. To the contrary. Forewarned.

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR and other radical Islamist organizations plan to start an American Muslim political party to elect politicians sympathetic to their subversive agenda.

Wolff Bachner: Recently, we heard that a Muslim-American political party was being formed to promote Islamic causes and elect officials who are sympathetic to Islam?

What is the name of this party, and who is supporting and financing them?

Political rhetoric and charm offensives aside, what are the actual goals of this political party and are they a threat to America’s constitutional republic?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, before we review the dangers associated with the newly-formed Muslim-American party, it must be reiterated: traditional American allies are caught up in a horrifying spider’s web through their association with the Obama administration. Poisonous.

Illustrative of said entangling, one has to internalize when it is in a nation’s best interests to align with a “best friend” and when prudence demands a “trial” separation, at least for the time being.

Basically, PM Netanyahu, MIT smartie that he is, hasn’t figured out this seemingly simple calculus. Along this trajectory, through his joined-at-the-hip actions with Barack HUSSEIN Obama (don’t be distracted by their public tussles – as media grabbing as they are – that’s not where the action/collusion is) Israel now finds herself “involved” with Sunni jihadists, the likes of which include Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIS! Yup.

Trenchantly, there is a “quiet” war being fought on the Syrian side of Israel’s northern Golan border to capture key sites. It may very well blow up Israel’s Golan front. Currently, the struggle is between Assad’s henchmen and the aforementioned Sunni jihadists. These are the same “rebels” whom Obama Inc. has “surreptitiously” armed, ever since the administration entered into an absolutely illegal war in Libya. Its (hidden) basis was to arm Sunni terrorists to take over the region for the Muslim Brotherhood! Full circle.

Resultant, instead of PM Netanyahu opting out of choosing between one Islamic devil over another (Assad’s forces are inseparable from Iran’s proxy pawns), thereby, reacting to whichever side illegally fires from Syria into Israel with resolute IDF firepower, Israel is now – like it or not – aiding those who abet Hamas. Ditto, Assad/Iran have been doing likewise.

Assuredly, there are times when NOT choosing sides makes the most strategic sense. However, this is definitely not the case with the Kurdish issue. Alas, it was a relief that PM Netanyahu publicly stated his support for Kurdish independence from Iraq. As is said, even a broken clock can be right once in a while.

Stipulated, sans a scintilla of a doubt, under PM Netanyahu’s missteps, the dangers to Israel have never been greater:

“The US, Jordan and Israel are quietly backing the mixed bag of some 30 Syrian rebel factions which Tuesday, Aug. 26, seized control of the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing, the only transit point between Israeli and Syrian Golan. However – here comes the rub – Al Qaeda elements have permeated all those factions.

The crossing is foirmally under the control of UNDOF, an international peacekeeping force, which too is falling apart as contingents are recalled by their governments.

Damascus hit back at the rebels Thursday, Aug. 28, by sending the Syrian air force to destroy the new rebel positions. This was a flagrant contravention of Israel-Syrian armistice agreements. The Israeli air force might have been justified in scrambling to combat the Syrian air incursion, but was not ordered to do so.

This appeared to contradict a fact which Israel has kept very dark: The 30 or so Syrian rebel offensive to wrest Quneitra would have stood no chance without Israel’s aid – not just in medical care for their injured, but also in limited supplies of arms, intelligence and food. Israel acted as a member, along with the US and Jordan, of a support system for rebel groups fighting in southern Syria. Their efforts are coordinated through a war-room which the Pentagon established last year near Amman. The US, Jordanian and Israeli officers manning the facility determine in consultation which rebel factions are provided with reinforcements from the special training camps run for Syrian rebels in Jordan, and which will receive arms.

All three governments understand perfectly that, notwithstanding all their precautions, some of their military assistance is bound to percolate to Al Qaeda’s Syrian arm, Jabhat Al-Nusra, which is fighting in rebel ranks. Neither Washington or Jerusalem or Amman would be comfortable in admitting they are arming Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front in southern Syria.

And not only Nusra: It turned out in this week’s incident that some of the rebel fighters come from the terrorist group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, a coalition of Al Qaeda contingents based in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip. Another piece of this dissonant jigsaw is Al Maqdis’ close alignment for its violent operations with the Palestinian Hamas ruling Gaza, with which Israel has just been locked in a deadly 50-day war.

Wednesday night, at his news conference to sum up that war, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu included in his list of Israel’s diplomatic successes, the winning over of world opinion to the perception that Hamas and Al Qaeda belong to the same family of terrorists and share the same fundamentalist ideology, which must be fought.

As he spoke, Al Qaeda fighters, intermingled with Syrian rebel factions, fetched up just yards from Israel’s northern border fence.” –

Readers may rightfully inquire: what does the above have to do with a newly announced Muslim-American political party? Everything.

Indubitably, without the “helping hands” of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the “U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations”, would be DOA. It is not for nothing that its unveiling came during his second-term tenure. Going for broke. Yet, the URGENT question becomes: who are its members and backers? Once this is answered, well, the dangers at bay will become self-evident, unless you are a committed Islamist.

As warned at my recent commentary –

“SIGNIFICANTLY, the Muslim Brotherhood’s new “American” political party is front and center within Capitol Hill and ready to take her by storm. Literally.

In essence, while the Brotherhood’s spawn commits a double war crime – that which western civilization should be seeking to eliminate and certainly not embrace within the community of nations – they go from strength to strength within America! More specifically, Hamas murdered, during its call for a so-called cease fire for “humanitarian” reasons, 25 of its own people who “collaborated” with Israel. Understood? If still not convinced, make sure to internalize what this new “political” party means for America and the west in toto. Being silent, despite a PC omerta, will lead to countless dead Americans. Guaranteed.

As expected, the American Muslim Political Party Member Cheers Israeli Casualties & exhorts a Hamas victory!

A Facebook post by Taher Herzallah, leader of one of the groups represented in a recently formed Muslim political party in the U.S., clearly celebrates Israeli casualties and the group that has caused them – Hamas. The post has since been taken down

USCMO_SpeakersAnother prominent figure within USCMO is Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing who is closely connected to the infamous “Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdel Rahman. Wahhaj was one of the speakers at the USCMO inauguration, alongside Ellison and Carson…..”

You tell me, isn’t it apparent that aligning with the Obama administration evolves into a precipitous danger, bot for its traditional allies and for Americans at large?

Case closed. Indictment sealed.

Violence, suffering and death has become the fate of non-Muslims in every Muslim majority nation.

Wolff Bachner: To our eternal shame, Obama has not said one word about the genocidal slaughter of Christians and other non-Muslims in many of the world’s 57 Islamic nations. Not only has he ignored the suffering of millions of innocents, but he has refused to issue visas or grant asylum to these desperate people. At the same time, visas have been issued to hundreds of thousands of foreign Muslims since Obama was elected.

Is there any reasonable explanation for Obama’s silence and his refusal to grant safe haven to the desperate victims of Jihadi genocide?

How can our government be so unwilling to help millions of non-Muslims who are facing utter annihilation?

What does Obama hope to accomplish by vastly increasing Muslim immigration to the United States?

Adina Kutnicki: If any issue is emblematic of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic proclivities, his fealties, this one resonates as top draw. Exhibit Number One.

The saying “you can kill two birds with one stone” is precisely what is transpiring under the “see no evil, hear no evil” POTUS. Christians are LITERALLY being slaughtered (beheaded, disemboweled, cannibalized etc.) as this is written, yet their killing fields are not nearly as important as his golf games nor his incessant assists to his Muslim brothers-in-arms.

So one must look equally at his actions and his inactions, both of which are the same side of his Islamic coin, in a manner of speaking.

As repeatedly addressed, Islam and its relationship to blood are inextricably linked. And while Muslims killing Muslims is part and parcel for hegemonic rule, the fact of the matter is that the Koran mandates the slaughter of Christians and Jews (it bears reiterating, even though the following was written in context of question number 2).

“When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks,” says an ayah, or verse in Sura (chapter) 47.

Sura 8:12 reads: “I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips.”

I defy anyone to argue that the above jihadi doctrine is not Koranic-derived.

With this devastating truth squarely on the table (coupled with many more Koranic directives re slaughter), in relation to Obama and his similarly inclined surrogates (he is far from a lone Islamic operator in Washington, just the head one), it matters not a whit if wholesale slaughter of Christians or Jews takes place. This is just the way it is. However, due to the fact that there are (presently) many more Christians than Jews within Muslim lands, well, it’s basically a number’s game, as Orwellian as it sounds.

The fact of the matter is that there is no greater “reward” for Allah’s soldiers other than “purifying” the world from non-believers. As such, how can the likes of Obama NOT ignore the worldwide Christian slaughter, as portrayed within the following extracts?

“Islamic law is the ultimate solution, and it has full answers to all possible situations and problems, present and future. This is why the fanatic Muslims of today—religious, ideologists, and practitioners—denounce all the existing political systems and demand their liquidation. The current Arab-Islamic system represents a “new age of ignorance” and the Western political systems are “the new Crusaderism,” all doomed to extermination by jihad warfare.

Jihad becomes a binding duty on all Muslims as individuals. Abdulaziz A. Sachedina, an Indian Muslim expert on the Shi’ites who lives in the West, explained, “There is no doubt that the Muslim jurists conceived jihad in the sense of engaging in a war to increase the Dar al-Islam as an integral part of Islamic faith… with the essential aim of uprooting unbelief and preparing the way for a creation of Islamic order on earth.

The violence of contemporary jihad was also apparent in the reaction of Islamists to cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Muslim rioters and Arab and Islamic governments seized upon the contention that it is against Islam to depict the Prophet Muhammad and to argue that the apostates and non-believers should be punished. Violence accompanied demonstrations in Europe and in Muslim countries. By far the greatest number of fatalities was in Nigeria, which is neither European nor Muslim. In London, protestors marched under banners reading, “Slay those who insult Islam,” “Butcher those who mock Islam,” “Behead those who insult Islam,” “Exterminate those who slander Islam,” “Massacre those who insult Islam,” “Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer,” “Europe take lessons from 9-11,” “Europe you will pay. Your 9-11 is on its way,” “Be prepared for the real holocaust,” and “Islam will dominate the world.” To many jihadists, such threats are literal, not hyperbole. Suicide bombing becomes a legitimate technique to carry them out.” –

Extrapolating further, by turning blinded eyes to Christians he behaves as a committed follower of Islam, even if not in day to day (personal) practice. That’s his “inactive” role. On the other hand, by overextending a domestic AND foreign hand to Muslims, he also fulfills his religious, ideological and political mandates. His active participation.

Overarchingly, the new Muslim-American political party (“U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations”) fits right into Obama’s endgame objective(s): “The Shariah States of America”. Anyone who believes this is not doable, nor “The Plan”, they will be in for a more than rude wakening –

In summation, the silence accompanying the slaughtering of Christians may well parallel “the unbearable burden of shame which lay upon the shoulders of the world community of silent bystanders after the Holocaust.”[LTE]The_.6l.html.

Biography of David Gaubatz:

Left: Cartoon posted to Facebook depicting David Gaubatz being beheaded - Right: Gaubatz on duty in Iraq.
Left: Cartoon posted to Facebook depicting David Gaubatz being beheaded – Right: David Gaubatz on duty in Iraq.

Aside from co-authoring the magna carté of books on the Muslim underworld, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, Dave Gaubatz is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and a retired Federal Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). With over three decades of combined Air Force (AF) experience, his career has led him on missions spanning the Middle East — from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait to Iraq. As a Special Federal Agent, he has received the highest forms of U.S. security clearances for top-secret intelligence information — including for weapons of mass destruction and espionage — and has been briefed into many “black projects.”

Among his varied achievements, Gaubatz has investigated felony crimes against the U.S. Air Force and government, as well as has been assigned to counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations. He was the very first Special Civilian Agent deployed to Nasiriyah, Iraq, in 2003 for Operation Liberation Iraq. Using his Arabic training to travel throughout, he gathered vital intelligence on espionage and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Although he was able to uncover sites, the U.S. failed to excavate them, and the weapons were later taken by groups of insurgents.

During this stint in Iraq, Gaubatz was also assigned to rescue the family of Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who aided in rescuing Pfc. Jessica Lynch. He has earned numerous Federal awards for identifying WMD sites and Islamic terrorists planning attacks against the U.S. and its troops.

Upon his return from Iraq in 2003, Gaubatz wrote an Arabic street survival guide and began to lecture at schools, businesses, and law enforcement agencies. His book, Muslim Mafia, which he co-wrote with Paul Sperry and published in 2009, has gained the endorsement of such prominent figures as Congresswoman Sue Myrick, who also wrote its Forward. He also held the position as the Chief Investigator of the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office and as the National Investigator of Target Corporation.

Gaubatz now continues his public service independently. He publishes his own blog, owns Wahhabi CT Publications, and provides counterterrorism training materials for law enforcement and other organizations. He is frequently called upon for speaking engagements and training. Yet, setting the bar even higher, he refuses to accept any fees — including the proceeds from his publications and book, which he donates to charity. We encourage readers to visit his blog and to purchase a signed, personalized copy of Muslim Mafia or visit to look inside.


To order a copy of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, be sure to visit Amazon’s website.

To contact Dave Gaubatz – Send an email to

Visit Dave’s blog at

Biography of Adina Kutnicki:

IMG_5597[1] (1)

Adina Kutnicki is an Investigative journalist, blogger and independent op-ed contributor to various Zionist and Conservative media outlets. She contributed to an in-depth series at FrontPage Magazine (from 2003-2007) with Lee Kaplan – still working together – a well known investigative journalist. The series explored the question: “Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Laws?” Her op-eds have been featured at American Thinker, Israel National News, The Jewish Press, MidEast Outpost, The Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and other publications. Adina blogs at

Born and raised in New York City, Ms. Kutnicki made aliyah to Israel in the summer of 2008. Being fluent in Hebrew allows her to gauge the mood (aka matzav) of the country, thus, enabling her to report on core Zionist issues with much more accuracy. Adina assists Dr. Martin Sherman and Professor Paul Eidelberg through their policy centers. Her “go to” expert on all matters pertaining to international law, and a country’s right to anticipatory self defense – via preemptive strikes – is Professor Louis Rene Beres of ‘Project Daniel’.

Adina Kutnicki is the devoted mother of two outstanding sons. Both are electrical engineers (MIT & Caltech educated) and proudly serve as IDF reservists.

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