Meet Sharky, The Pit Bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks

Despite the bad rap, pit bulls seem to keep proving they are anything but instinctual killers. They have saved their owners, positively affected autistic children’s lives, and love to kiss. Sometimes, they perform pop songs. The Inquisitr reported on Gremlin the pit bull, whose parents brought her fame from putting her in a spoof video of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

“Gremlin the pit bull’s story is a remarkable one because, by all accounts, she should not be here today. According to Yahoo News, Gremlin was used in a fighting ring before becoming the lovable pup who is giving Taylor Swift a run for her money with her own song. The up-and-coming pit bull pop star was used as a breeding dog, which means her puppies were used for a fighting ring based in Washington, D.C.”

Unfortunately, the good never seems to outweigh the bad, some might feel. Apparently, they have not met Gremlin or Sharky. Sharky the pit bull is the subject of several YouTube videos depicting him with several of his friends. These friends seem to include a cat named Max Arther, a bunny named Oreo, and other miscellaneous animals, such as a duck.

Sharky the pit bull has an email address, a Facebook page, and shares a website with his owner Helen’s myriad of pets. Helen’s website for Sharky, and the other pets, has this to say about Sharky.

“Sharky is a American Pit Bull Terrier. He is 8 years old. Sharky is popular by loving unlikely friends like: cat, chicks, ducks, geese, guinea pig, rabbit, iguana, frogs, turtles, elephants… One day Sharky hopes to meet some sheep, donkeys and pigs too.”

Sharky has over 700,000 fans on Facebook alone, and he posts several times a month. Sharky is quite the YouTube video star, as he is recorded with lizards, chicks, and babies that are part of what one might call his extended family. Helen, Sharky the pit bull’s owner, is a self professed farm girl who moved to Texas from Estonia in 1999. Sharky, his family, and extended family are the subject of her hobbies, filming, and photo taking.

Though Sharky is certainly on the tail end of his years on earth, he seems to show no sign of stopping. Sharky’s YouTube channel boasts over 50 videos, with or without his animal family.

This writer reached out to Helen to write about Sharky, and for permission to use his videos. Helen described her pit bull, as “awesome and very smart.” Certainly, one could extrapolate from his videos that he is awesome. As far as smart, there will be no judgment one way or the other. With videos like these, there is no point in testing.

[Image Via Sharky The Pit bull Facebook, Videos Courtesy of Helen’s YouTube page ]