Kissed By A Pit Bull Challenge: Will You Take It?

Most people have likely heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The charity was able to raise millions of dollars toward research because of the viral explosion of the challenge. There’s no wonder that it inspired another charity to do something similar.

The Kissed by a Pit challenge was launched August 20 by the people of Dog Park Publishing. The challenge requires people to seek out their favorite pit bull (or pit bulls) and get some slobbery love from them.

“Today we’re starting our Kissed by a Pit Challenge to change the perception of pit bulls,” said Alfred C. Martino of Dog Park Publishing the day the challenge began. “Dog Park Publishing will donate $5 of every order through the end of the month to local shelters. We challenge you to be kissed by a pit, and also donate $5 to your local rescue or shelter.”

Although the challenge is meant to shine a bright light on the misunderstood pit bull breeds, the actual requirement of the challenge serves as a beacon of hope to all animals. The Kissed by a Pit challenge doesn’t require participants to donate their $5 to a pit bull rescue, only to the rescue or shelter of their choice. That means breeds of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from the pit bull kisses.

“This campaign creates positive awareness for pit bulls and financial support for those groups helping all types of animals in need,” said Martino. “We are grateful to the wonderful pit bull owners across the world who are participating and helping to change false impressions about these great animals. The vast majority of pit bull related incidents can be directly linked to human cruelty, negligence or stupidity. Conscientious pit bull owners know that their dogs are wonderful pets who should not be subject to breed specific legislation, media misrepresentation or the false labeling as dangerous.”

Celebrity Pit Bull Kisses

According to All Things Animal Rescues, the Kissed by a Pit challenge had over 10,000 participants, with more than $50,000 raised for animal shelters and rescue groups in the first six days after the challenge began.

The pit bull awareness challenge hasn’t had the kind of turn out that the ALS challenge did, but there are some celebrities taking an interest in it. Kevin Bacon, Kelli Giddish, Tom Hardy, Gordon Shell, Emanuelle Vaugier, Paige Duke, Noomi Rapace, Jasmine Veil, and Rebecca Corry.

“We are thrilled with the response we have already received,” Dog Park Publishing co-founders Alisa Weberman and Jonathan Korzen said, according to HuffPost. “It means we are showing pit bulls in a positive light and raising money for rescues and shelters across the world.”

[ Images courtesy of Pinterest, Calling All Paws Pet Care, All Things Animal Rescues ]

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