WWE News: Jim Ross Blasts Stone Cold Steve Austin Return Rumors, Claims They’re False

Last week, the rumor of Stone Cold Steve Austin returning for one more match in the WWE got more traction. He said on his podcast that he was training for a comeback. Most of the WWE Universe took that as he was training for a comeback in the WWE. I’m here to tell you that his statement was taken out of context.

Jim Ross, former-WWE announcer, writes on his blog, Jr’s Bar-B-Que, his thoughts on Monday Night Raw every Tuesday morning. His most-recent post talks about Dean Ambrose and the Rock stealing the show last night in Brooklyn. Another portion of his blog discusses the Stone Cold-return situation.

The rumor of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return seems like it was too good to be true, according to Ross who spoke with Austin about the supposed comeback.

“Talked with Steve Austin, whose podcasts on @PodcastOne are killing it, on Monday night and was kidding him about him ‘training for a comeback,’ which most fans thought meant Steve was returning to the ring, and, subsequently, ‘taking a bigger role within WWE in 2015.’ I jokingly asked Austin that if he was going to be taking a bigger role if he could get a brother some work because a man’s got to eat!”

“Bottom line is that Steve was talking to a man who used to train with ‘Arnold’ back in the day at the Gold’s Gym in Venice and Steve said he was training to prepare to return to Gold’s Gym to train. They were talking about training, not wrestling, and how working out at Gold’s in Venice wasn’t for everyone. When the fans heard Austin say that he was “training for a comeback” they assumed that he meant to the ring which in turn means WrestleMania 31.”

Unfortunately, this may upset much of the WWE Universe. All Ross is trying to do is display the truth about the situation. To the Universe’s credit, Austin didn’t clarify what he was talking about. For all we know, he could’ve been talking about a return to the ring all along. Then again, Ross is a great friend with the Texas Rattlesnake.

This is up for anyone’s interpretation. Ross isn’t about spoiling secrets about the WWE, because his relationship with the professional wrestling giant can be described as tumultuous. Normally on Mondays, Ross takes to Twitter during Raw. More often than not, he criticizes the show, not of our pure hatred, but rather out of candor and brutal honesty.

For example, last night, the interview with Roman Reigns looked very awkward and Michael Cole had no clue what to do.

Anyways, Austin and the high-ups in the WWE only know the truth about a potential return. Just like the CM Punk situation that occurred in January, only three people know what exactly went down. There may come a time when Stone Cold does return, but we’ll never know when, where, how or who is opponent would be.

As time goes by, the WWE Universe will forget that Austin said anything. If the WWE plays it smart, they will wait until nobody expects a thing, and then bring out Austin to promote his last official match in professional wrestling. Nobody knew about the Rock’s appearance last night and it was pure magic. They need to create that same magic with Austin. We’ll update this situation as it develops.

[Image via sportskeeda.com]