WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Officially Training For A Comeback

For months now, Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to be rumored for a comeback. The WWE Hall of Famer retired in 2003 from in-ring competition and hasn’t returned since. Of course, the dream matchup of “Stone Cold vs. CM Punk” will always exist in the minds of the WWE Universe. After their iconic encounter on Monday Night Raw in 2011, fans will continue to clamor about the match until it happens.

Austin’s eventual return to the squared circle started to become a reality weeks ago, when the WWE started to push more Stone Cold merchandise, and his podcast started to be promoted by the WWE on their shows. Thing is, they don’t push Chris Jericho’s podcast like they are doing with Austin.

“WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently mentioned that he was training for a comeback. In a recent Steve Austin Show podcast with former wrestler and bodybuilder Ric Drason, Austin said, ‘I’m trying to get back into shape for a comeback.'”

“Austin casually made the comment and didn’t go into any further detail.”

Does anymore proof need to be identified? Until the WWE actually confirms a return to the ring, Stone Cold basically said the same thing on his podcast. What other comeback would he be alluding to? Austin never played professional sports. If he was talking about a return to the big screen in Hollywood, then Austin would’ve clarified that statement.

The statement above is obviously connecting Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE once again. He’s been missed since he retired 11 years ago. There was truly nothing like an Austin match. That is further proof as to why his original name was the “Ringmaster.” As Vince McMahon said on the Monday Night Wars series, he was a general in the ring. Yes, it was a terrible gimmick, but Austin received as a compliment.

Finally, we can all start talking about a potential opponent for Austin. It surely won’t be the Rock, as it would be admitting to the fans, and world, that the WWE doesn’t own any main event-caliber stars. Austin needs to wrestle somebody that makes sense. No matter what happens, his opponent should be CM Punk.

Before any comments about how Punk will never return, he never received an opportunity to wrestle one of his idols. Since the money isn’t an issue for Punk, something nostalgic might be the key to bringing him back. The WWE knows better to at least ask Punk if he’ll return for that feud. We already know Stone Cold would be up for a match with Punk. Punk needs to be up for it as well.

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