WWE: CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Title Reign Record Will Be Beaten By Dean Ambrose?

CM Punk is well known for his 434 day reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but already some believe former Shield member Dean Ambrose may be capable of taking CM Punk’s mantle and running with it.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Stephanie McMahon finally addressed the CM Punk chants on Monday Night RAW, and several other WWE legends gave their opinion on whether we’ll see a CM Punk WWE return in our future. It’s also being predicted that the Samoan Superman Roman Reigns will take over The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania each year.

If it were not for The Rock beating CM Punk at Royal Rumble 2013, it seemed very likely Punk would continue to hold the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt for even longer. But his title reign record remains a modern record to beat, with only WWE legend BrunoSammartino beating that record with an amazing 2,803 day reign.

In comparison to the old days of professional wrestling, the WWE Championship belts are often passed around like a hot potato. There were other reigns that easily went over one thousand days and CM Punk did not even manage to get into the top five if you considering the entire history of the WWE Championship.

Regardless, CM Punk does set the modern standard to beat and that’s why WWE.com published an article proclaiming that “Dean Ambrose will be the longest reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion of modern times.” It’s also predicted Ambrose will pull this feat off by employing trickery.

“First things first, Dean Ambrose is going to win the title. The title. The WWE World Heavyweight Title. And he ain’t gonna let it go, wheeling and dealing his way to what will become the longest recorded reign since the unification of the two championships. Having already proven himself as a master of disguise, chicanery and otherwise unsavory techniques, he’ll channel Ric Flair and empty his bag of dirty tricks to extend his reign through multiple pages of the calendar.”

Dean Ambrose is also predicted to become even more like CM Punk by becoming a Paul Heyman guy in the long run.

Besides beating CM Punk’s record, the latest trend in the WWE Universe seems to be for sports writers to say Dean Ambrose is the next CM Punk. There’s others who says he’s the next Roddy Piper or the next “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. While these comparisons are valid based upon certain characteristics like fighting back against the Authority, Jim Ross recently made the good point that Ambrose needs to be his own unique personality, not another wrestler… even if it’s someone as popular as CM Punk.