‘Revenge’ Season 4 Spoilers, Episodes 3 And 4: Emily Meets Her Father Face-To-Face, Victoria Gains Control [Video]

In early Revenge Season 4 spoilers for Episodes 3 and 4, Victoria Grayson will be gaining more leverage when it comes to the control she’s so accustomed to holding over everyone. Emily will also come face-to-face with David Clarke — the man the audience knows as her father.

Hollywood Hills releases the goods on what viewers can count on seeing next week in Episode 3, titled “Ashes.”

When viewers watched the previews for Episode 2, “Disclosure,” they were led to believe David wanted to strangle, and possibly kill Victoria. Obviously, that wasn’t the case now that the icy Hamptonite is taking charge of a dangerous situation in order to target Emily.

The synopsis reads, “Emily’s life is going to be on the line as Victoria orchestrates a family reunion with deadly potential, regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire.”

It notes in the report that guest stars appearing on this Revenge episode have yet to be named. Episode 3 airs Sunday, October 12.

According to a press release by ABC, Episode 4 of Revenge set to air Sunday, October 19, is titled, “Meteor.”

“‘Meteor’ – Emily is shaken to her core by an unexpected revelation as Victoria sinks her claws deeper into David… “

“Ashes” is written by Alex Taub and directed by Colin Bucksey. “Meteor” is written by Karin Gist and directed by J. Miller Tobin.

At the beginning of Season 4, producers explained that whomever gets to David first will have the most influence over him. Victoria made her way to the pivotal character before Emily did, which could serve as a big disadvantage to Emily.

How will Emily react coming face-to-face with the man everyone believed was dead? In Episode 4, part of the ABC press release indicates that David Clarke isn’t the man Emily remembers. What will this do the entire plot of the show? Emily’s entire agenda has been to bring down the Graysons over the death of her father and the fact they pinned the blame on him for bombing a jetliner.

Last season was about the storyline being taken back to the basics of Emily seeking revenge against those who wronged her father. At the conclusion of the Season 3, David Clarke arrived on the scene — killing Conrad Grayson after he managed to get out of prison.

Producers of Revenge said David would bring trouble to Season 4.

Revenge Season 4 is airing at its original time on ABC Sunday nights from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Episode 3, “Ashes,” airs October 12 and Episode 4, “Meteor,” airs October 19.

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