‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Season 4, Episode 2 Brings Big Revelations From Victoria, Emily

Revenge is back with Season 4, and things got off to a wild start in the premiere. What can viewers expect from the Season 4, Episode 2 show airing on Sunday, October 5? This one is titled “Disclosure,” and Revenge spoilers indicate it’ll be a juicy one. David Clarke is alive, Victoria Grayson is out of the institution, and Emily still has plans to execute.

While Emily is searching for Victoria, someone else has already found her. David is back, and Victoria is the Hamptonite he chose to contact first. As Revenge spoilers via an extended TV Line preview indicate, he’s looking for answers and he actually gets some.

Victoria caresses David’s face as she talks with him, and is surprised but glad to see him. David stops her, however, saying that first he needs the truth. He says he believes that Conrad was the mastermind behind framing him, and that Victoria was a victim too. However, he says he needs to hear that from her. Victoria tells him that she was scared and didn’t have a choice. She adds that she’s regretted the choice ever since it all played out all those years ago.

David walks back up and first caresses Victoria’s face. Then, he closes his hand around her throat to choke her. Naturally, that’s where the Revenge spoiler clip cuts off, so fans will have to tune in Sunday to see what comes next between these two.

As for other events ahead in “Disclosure,” Emily will be left quite shaken by a revelation from someone. Could that be related to Charlotte? A Revenge spoiler sneak peek shown on Hypable shows that Emily finds Charlotte, but all is most definitely not well. Charlotte is in a precarious position and Emily’s got her work cut out for her on this one.

Previews also show that Emily will apparently reveal the truth to Charlotte about the fact that they are half-sisters. However, viewers will have to wait until Sunday to see if that revelation comes before or after Charlotte climbs up to a hotel roof and makes it seem as if she’s ready to jump.

It has been teased that Season 4 changes things up significantly from prior seasons, and viewers got a taste of that in the premiere last week. Where are things headed from here? Emily still has plans to put into place, but she’s not the only one. Many are anxious to see Emily reunite with David, but it sounds as if that is likely going to be slowly drawn out for impatient viewers.

Tune in to the Season 4, Episode 2 show of Revenge titled “Disclosure” airing on Sunday, October 5 on ABC to see what happens next.

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