Tom Cruise To Disown Son For Leaving Scientology? Actor Furious At Nicole Kidman For Encouraging Connor Cruise's Decision

Tom Cruise is allegedly so furious with his son, Connor Cruise, for leaving Scientology that he is contemplating shunning him. He has even vented his fury on his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, for convincing their child to make his decision.

Connor is thought to have left the religion earlier this month after he decided to go on a visit to Morocco to try and "find himself." Connor's father is famously a huge advocate of the church, and even though Connor hasn't officially left Scientology, it's clear that his choice to distance himself from it was an indication that he isn't happy.

It's previously been reported that Scientologists are known to disown members of the church who decide to leave the religion. Now that Connor is on the brink of leaving Scientology, it has been reported that Tom is now being forced to contemplate whether he will do the same to his own son. Of course, he won't have to make the ridiculously hard decision until Connor reveals if he's actually left the religion.

Meanwhile, Cruise is allegedly livid with Kidman for her work in helping to convince Connor to travel to Morocco. Kidman has long been wary of Scientology, and it was one of the main reasons why her marriage to the actor ended in divorce. Cruise is also believed to have tried to keep his children away from Kidman because she doesn't believe in his faith.

According to the upcoming print edition of OK Magazine, Tom has now confronted Nicole over her role in Connor's choice.

The magazine explains, "Connor went on a spiritual trip to Morocco and started examining the principles of Scientology. Nicole, who was always wary of the religion, planted seeds of doubt."

As The Inquisitr reported last month, Connor distanced himself from the Church just a couple of weeks ago, as he sought to explore different other spiritual paths, which include examining Islam in Morroco.

A source for Radar Online noted, "Connor is in Morocco right now doing some soul searching. He is on a spiritual journey." They even added, "Connor is no longer as interested in being a member of Scientology." Connor, who is an aspiring DJ, has even been posting images to his social media websites documenting his journey, with one of his captions reading "#Simplicity #Africa #Morocco #Kasbah."

Do you think Tom Cruise would disown his son for leaving Scientology?

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