Tom Cruise’s Son Leaves Scientology For Spiritual Journey In Morocco

The church of Scientology has suffered yet another blow to its reputation this week as reports came to light that another high profile Scientologist celebrity has left the Church.

Radar Online reports that a source close to Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise told them that Connor has distanced himself from the Church in favor of exploring other spiritual paths, currently looking into Islam in Morocco.

The source revealed, “Connor is in Morocco right now doing some soul searching. He is on a spiritual journey.”

Connor Cruise, who is an aspiring DJ, took to his Instagram account to share his new spiritual path with his friends and followers, posting a picture of himself in Morocco along with the caption, “#Simplicity #Africa #Morocco #Kasbah.”

The insider said that Connor’s trip is more than just a vacation though, “Connor is no longer as interested in being a member of Scientology,” the source said.

Suggestions that the Church of Scientology is about to lose another young member surfaced during an interview Connor Cruise gave to Woman’s Day Australia, in which Cruise addressed the rumors that he had an estranged relationship with his mother, Nicole Kidman, who left the church after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

Connor said in the interview, “I love my mum, I don’t care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid.”

Even though Connor’s alleged defection from Scientology is not official, the Radar source revealed that he is most certainly exploring other options, “Connor is just coming into his own now. And he is allowed to believe whatever he wants to believe.”

The fact that Connor Cruise is adopted, as is his sister Isabella, has led to some suggestions that that might have something to do with his current rebellion in terms of looking into other spiritual options other than Scientology.

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