Katy Perry Wins Ole Miss Fans, Taunts LSU And Alabama Fans On Saturday

Katy Perry had a busy Saturday at the Ole Miss – Alabama college football game on Saturday. The pop star started the day off by taunting LSU Tiger fans and flirting with ESPN College Gameday host Kirk Herbstreit. She topped it off by throwing down a beer at a local Oxford, Mississippi bar and crowd surfing.

Perry made clear which of the two college football teams she was throwing her lot in with on Twitter.

Katy Perry Ole Miss Tweet

She then made her celebrity guest appearance on ESPN's College Gameday with a pink monstrosity of a football sweater, but still clearly backing the home team in the Ole Miss Rebels. The California native also showed off her SEC knowledge (or that of her PR people) by trolling LSU Tiger fans with a corn dog during the pick segment of the show for the LSU and Auburn game (via Saturday Down South). I'm not quite sure what is with the vacant stare though.

Perry's pick between Ohio State and Maryland was a little more unorthodox and involved some props. It also featured Kirk Herbstreit turning beet red (via Saturday Down South).

When it came time to make the pick between Ole Miss and Alabama, Perry's pick was no surprise. Her reaction to Corso's pick by spiking the Big Al mascot head for the Crimson Tide was a surprise to everyone though.

Afterward, Perry went and hung out with the Ole Miss Rebelletes for a good old fashioned Hotty Toddy cheer that the pop star shared on her Instagram account.

I don't know if Perry's presence had an effect on the game between the Ole Miss Rebels and Alabama Crimson Tide, but the Rebels came back to win 23-17 in the second half after being down 14-3 at halftime. Katy was sure to share her correct pick between the two on her Twitter account. She also threw in a little taunt at Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Katy Perry Ole Miss Tweet

Katy Perry Ole Miss Tweet

Ole Miss fans celebrated the first victory over the Crimson Tide in a decade by tearing down goal posts and chugging plenty of alcohol. Perry joined them, at least for the latter part. One Saturday Down South reader shared the following Vine video of Katy downing a bottle of beer, chucking it aside and diving into the crowd.

It was a pretty full day for Katy Perry in all. But, that's the life of a pop star turned college football pick'em master turned partier, right?

[Images via ESPN, Katy Perry Twitter - Note: Tweets and Instagram video were not embedded due to conflict with special characters.]